Money Sunday

It’s a grey, rainy Sunday in the Fraser Valley.  Why not snuggle up with a good laptop and peruse these money links?  If you can’t make use of them, you probably know someone who can so go ahead and share the good news… It is, afterall, Sunday!

  • Applications to the TD FEF (Toronto Dominion Friends of the Environment) fund are accepted online on a year-round basis.  These funds are intended for projects that will:  Protect the environment and Canadian wildlife, assist young Canadians in understanding and participating in environmental activities and/or enhance cooperation among Environmental organizations.
  •  VanCity provides up to $10,000 for community projects that show people how to build their wealth, creates a sustainable place to live or invests for positive change in the community.  These grants are awared three (3) times per year.
  • Sustainable Development Technology Canada is accepting SOI’s (Statement of Intent) until April 18, 2012.SDTC supports technologies that address the challenges of Climate Change, Clean Air, Soil and Water, including technology solutions focused on these current priority areas:
    • Natural Resources:  Mitigate environmental impacts associated with Canada’s natural resource sector including “green mining”, cleaner fossil fuels and forestry
    • Clean Energy:  Enable cleaner energy production and improved energy efficiency of transportation, the built environment and industrial processes
    • Soil and Water:  Improve the efficiency of the largest water users and address the most sensitive points of water and soil contamination
    • Agriculture:  Increase yield and improve temperature and drought resistance of agricultural crops and mitigate land-use changes and biodiversity loss
    • Northern and Remote Communities: Innovative solutions for self-sufficiency in smaller communities

Go get ’em!  (Starting on the next business day of course)