a bit o’ soapbox followed by funding opps

Happy Wednesday Fund Fans!  We’ve got some more gooders for you today.  For those of you just tuning in, what we do here is provide you with timely updates on open funding calls, Request for Proposal opportunities and other juicy tidbits on where and how to find money for your organization or client.  Some funding agencies only provide a very short window of opportunity so please subscribe in order to receive any ALERTS.

Proposals that get funded have three things in common.  They are well-written, they look professional and they meet the mandate of the funding agency.  Getting a grant is a competitive process but if you’ve covered these three bases you will have a fighting chance.  Consider enlisting the help of a Professional Writer .  They are experienced with proposal writing and design and can give your proposal the edge it needs to stand out.

If you’ve been funded for a project, one sure way to ensure that you never get funded again is to send in a crappy report.  DON’T DO THIS.  If you respect your Funder and can appreciate that your successful project makes them look good then make sure your reports are thorough and engaging; include pictures, include interviews with participants, go the extra mile to prove that your project is a success.  Even if the project failed miserably at meeting one of it’s intended goals a word-smith can help you report this failure in a way that opens doors for future funding.  That’s the power of the word; from chaos to creation.

With these things in mind, we present today’s funding opportunities.  Go get ’em!

Public Safety Canada: Direct Invervention Projects Youth Gang Prevention FundThe Youth Gang Prevention funds (YGPF) supports targeted initiatives to address youth violence and involvement in youth gangs in communities where these issues currently exist or are emerging threats.  Your LOI must present a detailed overview of the crime prevention project that your organization proposes to implement in your community in partnership with other groups, organizations and practitioners.  Deadline: April 9th, 2012.  Funding Range: $5,000+.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Planning Grants : Spring 2012 Priority Announcement: In this competition, funds are available to encourage and support applications in specific areas that are aligned with CIHR’s research priority areas and mandates.  These areas include: Aging, Cancer Research, Circulatory and Respiratory Health, Ethics, First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Health, Health Services and Policy Research, Health Services and Systems for an Aging Population, HIV/AIDS, Infection and Immunity, Musculoskeletal Health, Arthritis, Skin and Oral Health, Nutrition, Metabolism & Diabetes, Partnerships for Health System Improvement – Partnership Development Funds, Reproductive and Child Health.  Deadline: June 15, 2012.  Funding Range: $25,000/project.

Heritage Legacy Fund of British Columbia:  Applications accepted year-round.  The Heritage Legacy Fund provides financial assistance to registered charities, non-profit organizations and local governments in support of community projects that conserve and increase the understanding and appreciation of British Columbia’s heritage resources. Funding is available through two programs:

  • Heritage Conservation – up to $25,000 for the preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of heritage resources
  • Heritage Awareness – up to $10,000 for the research, documentation, presentation and publication of information about specific community heritage resources.

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