WTF??? …as in Where's The Funds?

During my funding research today, I came across an article by Theresa McManus (Twitter @TheresaMcManus) indicating the success of  “six New West Minster based organizations” who had received funding from Metro Vancouver’s $11 million dollar piece of the Federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy’s (FHPS) pie.  Then, while reviewing the latest happenings related to the Pickton Inquiry, it appeared that although the Inquiry seems to be yet another huge disappointment and continuing source of frustration for First Nations, the usual political games are being played out by the media.

This concerned me, so I wrote to a trusted peer Ernie Crey (Twitter @Cheyom1) to inquire if the additional support funding being funneled through agencies such as the “six New West Minster based organizations” from the FHPS is Canada’s way of saying “We know there’s a problem and we are doing our best to solve it.”?

Although the Inquiry may be bogged down by RCMP ass-covering antics, it does appear that Canada is being pro-active on another front; a front which does not include feeding the huge salaries of lawyers.  Yet, although the RCMP (a federal agency) has ponied up to cover the cost of trying to cover their own ass leaving First Nations without support, does it necessarily mean that Canada is a heartless, misogynistic governing body when, in this particular funding pie, Metro Vancouver is responsible for developing funding priorities?

… and where is the rest of that $11 million going?


Stephanie Lasuik

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