RFP’s mean business for those of you in archeology, communications, human resources and data handling

Welcome to the Friday edition Funds Fans!  We have some excellent opportunities for the small business person, for independent consultants and most especially for those in communications fields.  Being that today’s posts are all current Request for Proposals, these will require applicants to have good communication skills.  If you are a small business or consultant interested in any of these RFP’s, please consider enlisting the help of an experienced Professional Writer.

In alphabetical order, here are today’s selected RFP offerings:

Archaeologist Services, Strait of Georgia Business Area, BC Timber Sales Deadline: 1:30 p.m., MARCH 29, 2012

  • Traditional Use and Cultural Heritage Review, Field Work, First Nation Consultation

Fundsblogger Note:  Affected First Nations should consider incorporating their own Heritage Department, hiring or contracting an archeologist and bidding on this RFP.  Any company or consultant considering a bid on this project should be aware of Aboriginal Right & Title issues.

Centre for Employment Excellence for Ministry of Social Development, Deadline MARCH 26, 2012, maximum Bid $2 Million

  • seeking proposals from organizations with research and development capability and experience, to set up and manage a provincial Centre for Employment Excellence (the “Centre”). The Centre will provide a single coordination point for research and innovation; as well as offer practice and knowledge enhancement support to the province’s Employment Services Sector and Employer Community.
  • The Centre will be launched in September 2012, with the following features: Research and development program, Website, Practice and knowledge enhancement support for the Employment Services Sector and Employer Community, focused on the dissemination of best and emerging employment services practices.
  • Three years of LMDA funding is available to support the set up and initial operation of the Centre, over which time the Centre is expected to become self-sustaining by acquiring other sources of funding. Oversight of the Centre’s operations will be provided by a governance body, established on or before launch of the Centre.
  • The term of any contract resulting from this RFP will be up to three years, from date of signing until March 31, 2015.

Communications, Cultural Services, Community & Regional Economic Development for Ministry of Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation (EmbraceBC Arts) Deadline APRIL 16, 2012, Maximum project value $35,000

  • The Province is searching for Contractors to carry out community-based projects that use the arts to bring diverse groups together to interact and collaborate on a project that addresses Racism, promotes Multiculturalism, and builds an Inclusive Community.
  • The Contractor(s) will design, deliver, and evaluate an Arts Engagement Project that will be used to address Anti-racism or Multiculturalism that is aligned to the following Outcomes: – Increased awareness for and understanding of social, cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity among British Columbians; – Strengthened participation of diverse groups and sectors; – Increased partnership with diverse groups and sectors; – Communities in British Columbia have the necessary tools to address Racism and Hate in their neighbourhoods;

Fundsblogger Note:  This is a great opportunity for collaboration between Tourism Boards, Municipalities, First Nations, Community Groups and related NGO’s!

Data Entry Contract, Ministry of Environment, Deadline MARCH 23, 2012, Maximum Bid Value $100,000/yr.

  • to provide data entry services to the Industrial Waste Section of the Environmental Standards Branch in the Ministry of Environment.  The Environmental Standards Branch, Hazardous Waste Section, requires data entry services relating to data entry of movement documents/manifests into the SWIS database. The Ministry receives approximately 60, 000 manifests per year. The information on the document is text, both numeric and alphanumeric, and is either handwritten or typed.

Data Entry Contract, Fish, Wildlife& Habitat Management Branch (FWHMB) of Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Deadline MARCH 23, 2012.  No price cap given.  Bid price is worth 30% of proposal weight.

  • FWHMB collects data on fish and wildlife harvest activities, which is used by Regional and Headquarters Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Management Branch for the critical function of managing provincial fish and wildlife resources.  Data being handled is derived from, but not limited to, hunting licence issue, hunter surveys, compulsory hunter reporting, and voluntary submission of harvest and effort information.
  • The successful Proponent will be required to establish and maintain internal audit control procedures for services rendered against the resulting contract.  Implementing any internal audit control procedures or changes will be the responsibility of the successful Proponent.
  • There are a number of data categories for which data will be entered.  Appendix C of the RFP documents details the data categories and provides volume estimates.  Note that these volumes are estimates only and are based on the most recent production statistics available.  They must not be considered a guarantee of future volumes.  New data categories are being considered.  The Ministry reserves the right to determine which data categories will be included in any contract resulting from this RFP.

Fundsblogger Note:  First Nation Lands & Resource Departments may want to consider responding to this RFP.  Other Contractors may want to consider developing a budget item specifically in partnership with First Nations communities to increase reporting accuracies, thus adding value to Ministry objectives.

Human Resource Management for the Non-Profit Sector, Vancouver Foundation Deadline MARCH 23, 2012Bids accepted up to $100,000.00 for each target group.  Proposals should also outline any anticipated separate costs such as purchase of copyrighted materials or production of training materials.

  • The Employers’ Council seeks to improve the human resource management and workforce capacity of the non-profit sector in British Columbia. As part of these efforts the Employers’ Council invites proposals to develop/assemble/lever tools and resources to improve recruitment, retention and human resource management in non-profit organizations for the following groups:  Aboriginal employees, Immigrant employees, Employees with disabilities, Youth.
  • The successful Proponent will, for each target group they are proposing on, develop resources and tools that will effectively assist employers to recruit and retain employees in the target group(s) through improved leadership, human resource tools and improved workplace cultures, develop appropriate training materials, and provide a plan for dissemination of resources, tools and training.
  • Successful proposals will include ways to lever existing resources and partner with other entities (e.g. organizations whose focus is human resource management or has a specific focus on one of the target groups) where possible. They will also demonstrate an understanding of the need for tools and resources that are easily accessible and affordable to smaller non-profit organizations.

Small Business (LSSB) Champion Program, LiveSmart BC, Deadline for Letter of Interest (LOI) MARCH 21, 2012, up to $25,000 available per project (75% of project cost)

  • The LiveSmart BC: Small Business (LSSB) Champion Program provides funding to small businesses that demonstrate leadership in their community by developing and implementing creative methods for energy efficiency improvements within their business operations.  Champion projects include Innovation and Energy Efficiency. Small business owners are invited to submit a Letter of Interest describing your project proposal.

Now that you know where the money is… Go and get it!