A BlotweePo hangover and a ramble on tax credits

Good morning Funds Fans!  I think I have a BlotweePo hangover this morning having blogged, tweeted and posted myself into a digital delirium all week.  However, it’s been worth it as I’ve received some wonderful notes of support and appreciation.  Thank you very much!

For those of you just tuning in, what we do here is provide you with timely updates on open funding calls, Request for Proposal opportunities and other juicy tidbits on where and how to find money for your organization or client.  You are more than welcome to post a topic that you’d like me to have a look at or ask a question about the the proposal process.  As my intelligence is somewhere betwen village idiot and genius, you’re guaranteed at least a funny, if not helpful, response.

Following up from yesterdays posts on available business opportunities through RFP’s and the side notes dealing with First Nation inclusion, I wanted to ensure that all B.C. business owners and investors are aware that B.C. offers significant tax breaks for new venture capital.  Taylor Kate Brown writes a tidy article on the subject and notes that “British Columbia… offers a significant investment tax break for equity investors backing small businesses in the province, but…recently expanded the program to the tune of $3 million to further jump start angel investing… For investors, eligible annual investments can mean up to a 30% tax credit.” (emphasis added)  For investors who fund eligible companies under the categories of CleanTech, New Media or Community “…the British Columbia government will allow you to take up to $60,000 in tax credits each year as an individual. If 30% of your investment is more than the $60,000 limit, additional credit left over from that year’s investment can be applied for up four additional tax years.”

This is not like finding 30 cents on the breadbox folks.  This is BIG money and I encourage you to utilize this tool by either forming joint-venture companies with First Nations or investing in First Nation start-ups.

…and for heaven’s sakes use good grammar in your proposals!!  Bye for now and hope to see you on FB!

Cheeky but True!