Smoke signals on St. Paddy’s Day

Hello Funds Fans!  I’ll be on the road over this next week.  Today, I’m comin’ at you live from Prince George, B.C. having driven up from the Fraser Valley yesterday.  The roads on the Fraser Canyon route and Hwy. 97 were fantastic the whole way.  Tomorrow, we trek further north to Ft. St. James.  Details about wi-fi service up there have been sketchy so I may have to resort to telepathy or smoke signals.

Speaking of smoke signals, the UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities) and FNESS (First Nations Emergency Services) have opened up their Call for Applications on a suite of Wild Fire Prevention and Fuel Management Programs.  Deadline: April 27, 2012. Grants and contributions range from $15,000.

These initiatives support communities to mitigate risk from wildfire in the wildland urban interface.  Programs include Community Wildfire Protections Plans, Fuel Management Prescriptions, Fuel Management Demonstration Projects and Operational Fuel Treatments.  All local governments (municipalities and regional districts) are eligible to apply through UBCM.  All First Nations are eligible to apply through FNESS.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!