Sunday Funds: Children’s Mental Health, Emerging Artists and Hockey!

Good day, Funds Fans!  We made it home safe and sound back to the Fraser Valley.  It was a blessed trip all around; weather and highway conditions were fantastic and many life-long memories were made along the way.  What an incredible Province we live in.  Beautiful British Columbia indeed!   I would like to tell you more about our travels but, not being a travel blog, I’ll get straight to the point first and then give few more details about some of the incredible people and places we’ve had the honour to visit.

So, where’s the money?

Banks Give Back!

As mentioned previously, despite the wait for the 2012 Budget, there are still funds to be found for a variety of projects.  For example, as if there weren’t already quite a few to choose from in other posts, the Royal Bank of Canada provides funding under the categories of Sponsorships and DonationsApplications for Sponsorships and Donations are accepted year-yound.  Most of RBC’s giving under these programs is for up to $20,000.

An RBC Sponsorship will support an event, activity, person or organization by providing money or other resources in exchange for access to the associated commercial potential.

An RBC Donation is a cash or in-kind gift to a charitable organization.  In order to qualify for a donation from the RBC Foundation, an organization must fall within our giving guidelines and be a registered charity with the proper authorities in its jurisdiction.

RBC also provides funding for Specific Projects as follows:

RBC After-School Grants Project (deadline passed)

RBC Blue Water Project ™ (deadline passed)

RBC Children’s Mental Health Project (applications accepted year-round)

RBC Emerging Artists Grants (applications accepted year-round)

RBC Play Hockey (applications accepted to May 31st, 2012)

RBC Olympians (not much information available on website, please contact Community Relations Manager for B.C. for more information)

An overview of all RBC funding programs and deadlines is available here.

Fundsblogger Note:  My humble apologies that some of these deadlines have passed for 2012 but I will be sure to send out a Deadline Alert for the next round.

For those of you who are interested, a few more details about some of the incredible people and places we’ve had the honour to visit during our travel adventures.

Mr. Goodall (center) overseeing a braided belt creation.

In Fort St. James, we had the great priviledge of meeting Mr. Mike Goodall, world reknowned Master Saddler and Official saddle maker for the Canadian Mounted Forces Association.  As luck would have it, he’s my dad’s neighbour up in the Fort.  We spent an interesting evening in his workshop, learning all about his travels in Australia and England, seeing all the tools of his trade and receiving a hands-on demonstration of leather-working as we made a braided belt.  Leather-working is a beautiful craft which Mr. Goodall takes great pride in.  If any of you have been looking for a custom made saddle, harness, gun holster, rifle scabbard or other leather work, please look no further than:


SADDLES: Australian & English (includes Jumping & Dressage), Western (Balanced Seat)

HARNESSES: Light Driving (made in the traditional, old-fashioned way) or Dog Team Harness

BRIDLES (including Fine English Show Bridles)


GUN HOLSTERS (including shoulder holsters)


Riding helmets at the ready

While visiting family in Lumby on our way back from the Fort, we stayed at a most delightful B&B called Silver Spur Trails Wilderness Guest Ranch.

What a fantastic place inside and out!  Our hostess Yrene was lovely and thoughtful.  She took wonderful care of us and allowed us a real hands-on ranch experience with grooming, feeding and riding the horses.  Originally from Switzerland, Yrene spent many years in Australia before moving to Canada and has been an avid horse-woman all her life.  Aside from B&B accomodation, Yrene also offers a variety of outdoor adventures including trail rides (short and extended), archery and black powder shooting, hiking and more.  It’s truly an all season, authentic Ranch stay.

We didn’t have enough time to enjoy the hot tub which she had filled up just for us, bless her heart, but each of us enjoyed our own uniquely decorated, comfortable bedrooms and European hospitality at it’s finest with homemade cookies, tarts and biscuits…and that was just at tea time!  For breakfast, we had it all from blueberry pancakes to bacon, eggs and toast, yoghurt, cereal, scones, juice, coffee, tea.  The berries in the pancakes and yogurt had been hand-picked right on the Ranch and I can tell you that Yrene makes the BEST coffee, hands-down.

The Ranch House itself is an adventure of it’s own, every nook and cranny has something interesting from stained glass window hangings to a bear rug and a kangaroo pelt draped over the upstairs stair rail.  There’s a most ingenious wooden spiral staircase that takes you upstairs to the bedrooms.  Also upstairs is a library and sitting room that overlooks the Ranch; a nice, cozy corner to play chess or read or just take in the view of the valley below the Ranch.  Everwhere you look there’s an interesting item or a comfortable, cozy place to relax.

Even the farm dog, Trooper, and the cats are welcoming and loving as if we ourselves belonged there.  Silver Spurs is such a cozy, rustic and classy place that we all wished we could have stayed longer.  Our hats go off to our lovely hostess, Yrene for the love and care she puts into the property, the horses and most especially her guests.

That’s all for today, folks!  Since we just got back yesterday, I have a BIG pile of laundry to do…  Stay tuned and don’t forget to LIKE us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter @fundsblogger.

Over and out from the Home Front.