Attn: B.C. First Nations! The ALI is now accepting applications for 2012/2013

Happy Tuesday, Funds Fans!  For the love of language, I just had to get this one out right away.

The Aboriginal Languages Initiative (ALI) is a federal program funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage. The ALI provides funding support for community and regionally-based projects directed at maintaining, revitalizing and promoting First Nations languages.   In B.C., the First Peoples’ Heritage, Language and Culture Council  (FPHLCC) distributes these Federal funds and aims to achieve sustainability and enable long-term stability for language, arts and cultural programming in B.C.

Program priorities for 2012/2013 are projects that focus on 1) involving youth and elders, 2) youth and technology projects and 3) projects with an immersion focus.

Funding is available for two types of proposals; $25,000 to $49,999 for programs that focus on one (1) language strategy and $50,000 to $75,000 for programs that integrate two or more language strategies.

The complete funding guide is here. The deadline is not clear as there is a typo in the guideline booklet but as you know, these funds are often “First-come, first-served” until funds are exhausted.

Eligibility for these programs includes:

  • B.C. First Nations governments/Bands/Tribal Councils/communities
  • B.C. Aboriginal organizations, cultural, language and education centres (i.e. Friendship Centre, Aboriginal societies)
  • Aboriginal youth organizations
  • Band-operated schools
  • Ad hoc committees (administration of the project must be by a bona fide organization/government)
  • Previous applicants can apply but they must have completed all reporting on previous funding from the FPHLCC or the First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation

Projects receiving $50,000 and over are subject to more stringent reporting requirements including submission of an official audited financial statement, schedule of revenues and expenditures, and management letter. All projects must relate to the overall objectives of the Aboriginal Languages Program. Projects will be subject to installment payments based on the submitted cash flow form, work plan and there will be a 10% holdback.

There it is!  Go and get it!!

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