Attn: B.C. FN’s!! First Peoples Worldwide: Keepers of the Earth Grant

Hello again, Funds Fans!  I just couldn’t save this one ’til tomorrow.  Thanks to a Twitter connection, I learned about a very exciting funding opportunity from First Peoples Worldwide.  FPW is an Indigenous-led organization that supports Indigenous controlled, locally initiated, community driven development with small grants from its Keepers of the Earth Fund.  Grants range from $5,000 to $20,000 USDDeadline: May 31, 2012 (Notification by June 15th, 2012)

All applicants must:

  • be an Indigenous led grassroots/local or community based institution in the Arctic or the Americas;
  • have an organizational bank account or a fiscal sponsor;
  • be willing to share project outcomes and lessons for use in case studies and formal training modules for Indigenous organizations, corporations and multinational agencies

Eligible projects will:

  • build on Indigenous problem solving and decision-making processes.
  • bridge political representation for traditional and contemporary governance structures.
  • utilize traditional knowledge and cultural processes in political systems.
  • facilitate inclusion of the various Indigenous leadership and community sectors in the political systems.

Founded by Rebecca Adamson in 1997, First Peoples Worldwide is dedicated to strengthening Indigenous communities through the restoration of their authority and control over their assets.  The programs of First Peoples Worldwide are grounded in the belief that assets are the building blocks of sustainable prosperity. Indigenous Peoples own substantial assets, but frequently lack the authority and control to benefit from them. (emphasis added) First Peoples Worldwide partners with Indigenous Peoples to help them establish their assets, advance their decisions about them, and develop the capacities to carry out these decisions.

The purpose of this call for applications is to promote free prior informed consent (FPIC) and support Indigenous Peoples traditional governance structures, their contemporary governance structures, cultural practices for problem-solving and decision-making that aligns with community values and self determination and demonstrates principles of good governance within Indigenous communities in the Arctic and the Americas.

Please note that funds cannot be used to support individuals, school applications or college or university scholarships, legal research, political lobbying, projects that do not originate from or are not led by an Indigenous community, travel to the United States, general operating, or event fundraising.  Also, please note that Shell Americas is one of the donors for this initiative.

There you have it, folks; funds for Traditional and Contemporary Self Governance (TCSG) initiatives.

Go get ’em! 

For those of you interested in the topic, the FPW has also published a Call to Action: Improving Indigenous Peoples’ Access to Conservation FundingAn excerpt reads:

Indigenous territories contain 80 percent of the remaining biodiversity, yet donor databases demonstrate a wide disparity between the funding flows to large international conservation organizations and those flowing directly to Indigenous stewardship. Gaps in engagement, gaps in data and documentation, gaps in the political will of philanthropy to prioritize Indigenous funding, and gaps in the capacity of Indigenous communities all converge into the perfect storm of neglect and racism Indigenous Peoples face when fundraising.” (pg. 1)

p.s. Check out our poll located here.