Funds galore! …and a pun for good measure :)

Hammer out those proposals, people!
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Hi Funds Fans!  Still battling dragons over here but I’ve missed you all.  Here’s the scoop… Search & Rescue New Initiatives, support for Enterprising Non-Profits and First Nation enviro projects funding…Go get ’em!

The Search and Rescue New Initiatives Fund is OPEN!  Deadline: Friday, August 3, 2012 11:59 P.M., Total Fund $ 8,100,000.00 (That’s eight point one million dollars)

Eligible Recipients include: Provincial and territorial governments, profit and not-for-profit Canadian organizations and associations from volunteer, academic or private sectors and individuals.

The SAR New Initiatives Fund (SAR NIF), was established by the federal government in 1988, and is managed by the National Search and Rescue Secretariat (NSS), on behalf of the Lead Minister for Search and Rescue in partnership with other federal, provincial and territorial SAR organizations. Potential applicants must contact one of the federal, provincial or territorial SAR partners to initiate interest in the program and develop proposals that address program and partner priorities.  (For the Pacific Region it’s

SAR NIF provides annual funding for new projects (or initiatives), that will improve the National Search and Rescue Program. SAR NIF projects must address at least one of the five National SAR Priorities:

  • Support the Organization and Sustainability of GSAR
  • Protect and Support Volunteers
  • Deliver Public Education
  • Promote Interoperability through Common Platforms and Protocols
  • Build Local SAR Capacity in the North and Remote Areas

All of the proposals for these projects are carefully reviewed and ranked in order of merit. The annual funding for these projects is then distributed in that order.

BCIdeas has a great selection of funding opportunities ranging from $500 to $15,000+ as part of a collaborative competition where social entrepreneurs enter their ideas and programs to gain funding and support. This competition seeks innovative solutions to health, social and environmental challenges facing BC communities today, and in the future.

Enter your idea or solution, or nominate an individual, organization, or partnership before the competition deadline on September 12, 2012.

Up to $100,000 in investments will be awarded to top entries. Entrants will also have the opportunity to access additional investments following the competition.  Lean more here!

The enp-BC grant program is also OPEN!  Deadline May 24, 2012, Maximum grant $10,000 (matching)

To be eligible for enp funding, an organization must:

  • be a Provincially or Federally incorporated non-profit organization.
  • be a qualified donee under CRA regulations: registered charity, native band, municipality, or have a charitable sponsor.
  • have its base, activities, and benefits in British Columbia. The organization must have an office in BC and the program & its benefits must be in BC.
  • attend a Building Your Social Enterprise workshop.
  • have the organizational capacity (budget & staff) to meet the grant objectives.
  • commit matching funds in cash or in-kind.*

Grants may be used to pay for professional fees for technical assistance and/or staff costs and resources related to the planning or organizational development activity.  The enp program funds planning and/or research activities along the entire development path from opportunity identification and organizational readiness activities ($2500 – $5000) to feasibility studies, marketing plans or business plans (up to $10,000):

Also, check out the Small Change Fund which aims to help your project get access to individual donors across Canada.  We believe in the power of people coming together to do good, and that their small change can, and will, make a big difference to you.

Eligibility:  For now, we can only accept proposals from registered grassroots charities or registered Aboriginal bands in Canada.  If you would like to discuss submitting a project but feel that you don’t meet this criteria, please contact

What types of projects can be submitted? At this time, we are accepting proposals for projects which impact our environment and projects with a focus on First Nations, Inuit, and Metis peoples.

Your comments, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.  Check in at our poll too and let us know how we’re doing.