Funds for Adult Education, Housing Initiatives and the Arts!

A lovely Sunday to you, Funds Fans!  For those of you following the dragon-battling saga; I’ve stuffed a wad of paper down it’s gullet – down past the fire making part – and it’s either going to choke on it or cough it up… and then be mad as all heck.  The thing is, anger has a way of blinding and, being so small compared to a dragon, I’ll just hide under it’s big belly or better yet, jump on it’s back and let it tire itself out!  In the meantime, I’ve mowed the lawn and folded the laundry and now I’m ready to BLOG!

So, where’s the money?

The Catherine Donnelly Foundation is accepting Letters of Inquiry in the areas of housing and adult education until August 9th, 2012.  The Catherine Donnelly Foundation aspires to a world that respects and reverences creation; a world that gives place and voice to the poor; an interdependent society whose structures enable the poor to live with dignity and to realize their full potential as persons and as citizens; a community that is open to transformation and whose commitment to human solidarity ensures social and ecological justice.

Adult Education Advancement Initiatives should focus on the adult education and learning needs of new Canadians and marginalized populations and in particular, those that seek to address the most pressing contemporary problems and concerns of these groups.

The Housing Initiatives program will consider applications for supportive programs or initiatives intended to assist low-income persons/families within transitional housing settings.

BC Arts Council has a few deadlines coming up that are worth checking out.  Funding ranges are from under $5,000 to $100,000 depending on the program/project.

MAY 31 Media Artists Individual Arts Awards – This program assists independent media artists with the creation of specific innovative, experimental works.  Media arts are defined as works in film, video, audio/sound art and new media. New media includes new information and communications technologies used for artistic expression.

JULY 15 Arts-Based Community Development, Project Assistance Program – Awards are available to assist with projects that develop and extend the practice and understanding of arts-based community development through the processes of creating art, producing events, and developing resource materials for arts-based community development practitioners.

AUGUST 1, Professional Development Project Assistance Program – This program is designed to assist professional artists and arts administrators to undertake specific activities to advance their practice or career. The program assists professional artists and arts administrators who demonstrate a high degree of critical self-reflection and link the proposed project with the next stage of their professional development.

AUGUST 1, Touring Initiatives, Project Assistance Program – Touring Initiatives supports B.C. artists and arts organizations undertaking touring activities outside the province that will lead to enhanced professional opportunities. Funding is provided for projects that are scheduled as part of significant national or international cultural events or that take advantage of significant market development opportunities. Priority will be given to professionally organized tours for which artists are receiving fees. Applicants who have recently received assistance through the BC Arts Council may also receive priority.

AUGUST 2, Capacity and Sustainability, Special Project Assistance – The Special Project Assistance – Capacity and Sustainability Program is designed to assist arts and cultural organizations affected by changes in the economy that want to undertake specific activities to build capacity leading to future sustainability.

AUGUST 2, Co-op Placements Special Project Assistance – Special Project Assistance – Co-op Placements is a pilot program which supports arts and cultural organizations hiring students through co-op placements for professional work experience.

Also, don’t forget about Community Gaming Grants.  Their deadlines run throughout the year for a variety of programming areas.  Grant amounts are as follows:

Local organizations: up to $100,000 per year

Regional organizations: up to $225,000 per year

Province-wide organizations: up to $250,000 per year

There it is, folks!  Go and get it!

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