Feature Funder: Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation

Feature Funder

Happy Tuesday, Funds Fans!  Today we feature the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation as a feature funder.  The mission of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) is to invest in projects that maintain and enhance the health and biological diversity of British Columbia’s fish, wildlife, and habitats so that people can use, enjoy, and benefit from these resources.

Several funding streams are available.  Seed Funding of $5,000 is available year-round for proposals that are geared towards projects that are still at the design or visioning stage.  These projects  require small amounts of funding to develop a full proposal for submission to HCTF in the next funding year.  Seed funding is available to non-government proponents only, limited to a maximum of $5000, not for small projects under $5,000 that are  regular enhancement projects or for “on-the-ground” activities and projects that are expected to result in a full New proposal  submitted the following year.

After the Seed Funding stage, you can apply under the New Enhancement Project program.  Deadline appears to be annually in November.  If your New project is accepted and it is a multi-year plan, funding is available through the Continuing Enhancement Program.

HCTF also provides funding for projects that acquire land or interests in land to secure the value of these areas for conservation of fish and wildlife habitats and populations under their Acquisition Program.  Deadline appears to be annually in March.

Also of note is the Restricted Funding program.  This appears similar to Environment Canada’s Environmental Damages Fund in that HCTF receives the money from certain court awards made from fish/wildlife/habitat infractions. Sometimes the funding from these awards is restricted to general or specific locations, species and/or habitats.  Here’s what’s available according to the link:

Restricted Court Awards available for 2012-13 funding.


HCTF Court Reference #





For Bear Awareness   Initiatives on Northern Vancouver Island.




Funds to be allocated to   in-stream fish habitat enhancement in Byrne Creek.




Award to be used within   the City of Chilliwack.




Species at risk projects   in the North Thompson Valley.




To be designated for   raptor research, inventory and public education in the Cariboo-Chilcotin.




For projects that promote   the conservation and protection of fish and fish habitat in Northern BC including   the area in and around the Kitimat River watershed.




Conduct a Fish and   Wildlife use survey of Naden Harbour (Graham Island) and/or environmental   impact assessment of all human and industrial activity in the Naden Harbour   estuary. Please note this restriction allows us to consider similar   projects on Haida Gwaii if no suitable submissions specific to Naden Harbour   are received.




For the purpose of promoting   the proper management and control of fisheries, fish habitat, streams and   stream crossings or the conservation and protection of fish, fish habitat,   streams and their tributaries in and around the Adsett Creek Watershed and   Jacknife Creek Watershed (tributaries of the Prophet River, approximately 100   km southeast of Fort Nelson).


Restricted Compensation/Offsets available for 2012-13 funding.


HCTF Comp Reference #





For Bald Eagle research   in the South Coast Region


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