May Long Funding List: Support for families living with disabilities, health, nutrition, aging population, research, health policy…

Ya baby! Long weekend!!
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Hello Funds Fans!  This is truly turning into an international blog as stats show that some of our viewers are from England, Portugal, Ecuador, Iceland and Malaysia.  How awesome is that?  “Totally!” says Fundsblogger.

For those of you who have just peeked up from your piles of work, May Long Weekend is upon us.  I clued in yesterday when the price of gas suddenly, and oh so unpredictably, shot up to $1.389/litre.  It will be a Staycation for us this weekend.  However, if I do decide to drive somewhere it will likely be to picnic at beautiful Chilliwack Lake.

So, what kinds of funds have we found for you today?  Let’s have a peek.

The Canada Safeway Foundation (click the Sustainability tab) provides funding to programs and initiatives that support:

Children and families living with disabilities

Breast cancer research and awareness

Prostate cancer research and awareness

Nutrition education and hunger prevention

The Foundation will review applications from organizations that are Federally registered charitable organizations, organizations in locations where Canada Safeway operates (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and North Western Ontario).  All applicants must display good management, a solid background, well-established administration policies and a Board of Directors.

Applications can be found here along with a list of regional Public Affairs officers.

For Health Professionals, there is a plethora of funding available…too many to list so please look here.  Sample funding programs include:

Catalyst Grant : Health Services and Systems for an Aging Population  Registration Deadline: June 15, 2012, Application Deadline: August 1, 2012.  Maximum amount per grant is $100,000 for up to one year

Healthcare Renewal Policy Analysis  Application Deadline: September 19, 2012, Maximum amount per grant is $150,000 for a total of one year

That’s where we found some today, folks.  Go and get it!

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