RFP Deadline Alert: Learning & Essential Skills National Survey

RFP due May 29, 2012

With funding from the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills, Canadian Literacy & Learning Network (CLLN) is conducting a labour market study of literacy and essential skills (L/ES) workers. CLLN seeks to consolidate what is known about the L/ES workforce and determine the value of, and whether there is a need for, occupational standards and/or credentials. This labour market study can help us better understand the over-arching human resources issues that may affect Canada’s capacity to achieve better L/ES results for Canadians.

CLLN is looking to identify and contract with an experienced research consulting team with recognized expertise to perform quantitative and qualitative research in support of this national initiative. Over the next 17 months, CLLN and the successful RFP Proponent will survey a large sample of L/ES workers, both English and Francophone, in every province and territory to provide the most comprehensive picture of the L/ES labour force undertaken so far.

Proposal cost is worth 20% of total score.

Full details here.  Deadline for submissions is May 29th, 2012.

Fundsblogger Note:  We blogged about funding availability from the Office of Literacy & Essential Skills here.  Now we know where the funds went!  Get a piece and add to the knowlege base for improving the service delivery of Learning & Essential Skills for Canadians.