First Nation funding for Youth, Elders and Policy Development

Lots of funding streams to paddle through!
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Good morning, Funds Fans!  What a glorious day.  Me thinks it’s time to strap the canoe to the roof of the van and head down to Hope River for a tour.  If anyone at all is in front of their computers this morning, you might want to make note of these deadlines.

The New Relationship Trust is accepting applications under their First Nation Youth, Elders and Policy Development programs.

The Youth Grant funding program is for First Nation youth groups and organizations in BC.  Deadline: June 29, 2012.  Maximum grant: $2,000 per project.  Priority is given to groups and projects that demonstrate capacity building, leadership or mentorship for First Nation youth in their communities.

The Elders Grants are available to Elders groups and organizations, as well as First Nation communities and organizations representing Elders.  Deadline: May 24, 2012.  Maximum grant $2,000 per project.  Priority will be given to projects that benefit Elders and/or Elders groups at the community or Nation level.

Policy Development funding is available to First Nation organizations with a province-wide mandate.  NRT will support up to $50,000 or 75% of eligible project costs (proponents must contribute the other 25%) towards policy development projects for the benefit of BC First Nation communities and citizens.  Deadline: until funds are exhausted

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