Breakfast anyone? Funds for breakfast programs in Canada! YUM :)

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Hi Funds Fans!  Welcome to this week’s version of Tuesday; similar to last week’s version in name only.  What have we found for you today?  Let’s have a look.

Yum!  Breakfast!!  Breakfast Clubs of Canada is a national organization dedicated to supporting community-based breakfast programs for schoolchildren. They raise funds for programs and help to sustain them by providing appliances, food donations and management tools. Breakfast Clubs of Canada assesses grant requests from registered not-for-profit organizations and/or schools that provide breakfast to schoolchildren living in underprivileged areas.  Eligibility includes programs that are already in operation as well as new program start-ups.  Applications are accepted year-round.

Also, check out Breakfast for Learning.  Applications are due June 15th, 2012.  In 1992, a small group of forward-thinking editors at Canadian Living magazine identified a need to feed hungry children. They soon discovered that thousands of people across Canada shared their vision and wanted to help too.  This marked the start of a national movement that continues to grow today. Since our inception over 19 years ago, Breakfast for Learning has helped to nourish over 2.5 million children from coast to coast to coast.  As the nation’s lead advocate for quality nutrition in schools, we provide:

  • nutrition grants that allow programs to obtain food, equipment and staff required to meet the needs of their school community;
  • child nutrition education resources and tools to help raise awareness and educate communities about proper nutrition;
  • research to support the vital link between child nutrition and learning; and
  • a strong voice for child nutrition that advocates for national meal program in Canada and quality nutrition in schools.

Breakfast for Learning is committed to helping start and sustain child nutrition programs, ensuring that students are well-nourished and ready to learn.  Applications are available here.

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