Feature Funder: Carthy Foundation

The Carthy Foundation, based in Calgary, Alberta, is a private foundation established in 1965. Their mission reflects both the intentions of the founders, and the needs of the country in the new millennium.   Carthy Foundation supports initiatives that align with their granting approach, and fall within one of their program tracks:

Youth: Initiatives will have a primary focus on adolescent emotional health and wellness; or on career transitions for youth and young adults.

Adolescent Emotional Health and Wellness: Initiatives will have a primary focus on promoting optimal emotional health among adolescents and young adults (aged 10 – 25 years). They will incorporate a resiliency and/or positive youth development approach. These types of approaches build on the strengths of young people in order to develop and nurture life skills and competencies they need to thrive. They also seek to help youth overcome or deal with negative factors in their environment and recognize and channel the creativity and energy of youth.

Career Transitions for Youth and Young Adults:  Initiatives will have a primary focus on promoting successful transitions into the work-force for adolescents and young adults (aged 10 – 25 years). They will also have a positive youth development approach; i.e., one that enables young people to develop the attitudes, behaviours and work-skills they need to enter and thrive in the labour force; and that seeks to help youth overcome negative factors in their lives by inspiring them and building upon pre-existing strengths.

Environment: Initiatives will focus on market-based mechanisms, or urban ecology and ecological design.

Market-Based Mechanisms:  Initiatives that investigate, develop and promote innovative tools, strategies and policies with potential to harness market forces in achieving environmental goals.

Urban Ecology & Ecological Design:  Initiatives that support optimal ecological function within urban settings. These will include projects that investigate and promote innovations in areas such as urban environmental policy, habitat and connectivity and sustainable urban design.

The Foundation only makes grants  to Canadian registered charities.  Initiatives must have national or broad regional impact, or the potential for broad impact on policy or practice beyond immediate project delivery.  The Foundation only provides grants for project support, rather than ongoing program delivery. Projects must be term-specific, with a maximum granting period of 5 years. These may include, for example, experimental and demonstration projects, applied research that supports innovative policies and practices, and initiatives that add significantly and strategically to the national knowledge base.

To apply, send a letter of inquiry along with background data on your organization.  Letters are accepted year-round and funding decisions are made on a quarterly basis.  Please note, the Foundation respectfully requests no public recognition for funded projects.

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