Who’s a Hoser? (Filed under Random) 

From a great blog called The Canadian Expat

Well, friends, the time has come to ask the BIG question on many minds today.  Are you a Hoser?  Sure, we could all be worrying if face-eating zombies are coming to a neighbourhood near us or if the Pickton Inquiry is going to do any justice to the lack of care and attention to duty that contributed to the grisly demise of many lost women from Eastside Vancouver or we may be enthralled with the latest media glitz piece on Lucca Rocco, including reports on what he had for breakfast.  (Sidenote: WTFC?)  However, some of us may be in dire need of a reminder of what makes Canada great in times like these when our village idiots lose their marbles in a horrific, cannibalistic way.  Therefore, I bring up the aforementioned question: Are You a Hoser?  I am.  Totally and unabashedly.  I don’t eat people or cut them up, although I might make good-natured fun of the people I care about.  I praise the Space Arm and wonder if it can crack a beer in low-gravity.  I sometimes don’t brush my hair before going out in public or do my breakfast dishes until evening.  Heck, I’ve even considered using duct tape to hem a pair of pants…  Am I a Hoser?  F-yes!  Anything wrong with being a Hoser?  Hosers know how to deal with the serious stuff; it’s called digging a big hole out back lined with sharp pointed sticks and telling the village idiots to go grab their own weiner roaster from the pit, meanwhile we have tied their shoe laces together.  Problem solved.

Had to get that off my chest.

That’s all for now, Funds Fans.