Feature Funder: Aboriginal Physical Activity & Cultural Circle 

Note! Aboriginal Physical Activity & Cultural Circle Grants available!  DUE: JUNE 14, 2012  AWARDED ON: JUNE 21, 2012

The Aboriginal Physical Activity and Cultural Circle (APACC), is a national non-profit network for Aboriginal people who are involved in Sports, Recreation, Fitness and Traditional Activities. We strive to create a community promoting physical activity with mentors, leaders and support for Aboriginal people.

The Active Circle is an initiative of Motivate Canada, in partnership with the Aboriginal Sport Circle, which supports Aboriginal youth and communities to become vibrant, active and healthy through sport and recreation. The Active Circle website was created to enable you to learn about community development through sports and recreation, connect with communities with similar interests, find funding and other resources to get your projects going and to share your experiences and inspire others to engage Aboriginal youth in physical activity.

APACC aims to establish and expand relationships between individuals engaged in physical activity by improving access to resources, and promote exposure to health and wellness opportunities.  APACC has 3 available $200 grants, one in each aspect of APACC: Sports and Recreation, Fitness, and Traditional Activities.  APACC understands that funding can be limited by the activity you participate in, even at the highest level. We want to try to maximize your possibilities by assisting in finding partners of support for teams or individuals.  The APACC has a great resource site with other funding opportunities as well.  Please check them out!

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