Victoria Middle School students raise funds for U.A.P.M. 

Briget Laver (L) and Anna Tang (R) raising funds for U.A.P.M.

Hi Funds Fans!  What a wonderful weekend we spent in Victoria.  The sky looked as though it had plans for a downpour on Friday’s ferry ride over but then changed it’s mind and treated us to a beautiful sunny weekend!  Nothing compares to the Harbourfront at Victoria – always so much fun.  The last time we were there, we had no time for either the Museum or Craigdarroch Castle, but this time we made sure to take in these icons of Victoria area attractions.

On our way out of the Castle, having walked up and down all four floors, we were beckoned by a lemonade stand across the road.  When we got there, we realized it was much more than just a simple lemonade stand.  These young ladies were flexing their socially responsible mucles to raise funds for United Against Puppy Mills as a school project at Victoria’s Central Middle School.

This kind of grass-roots marketing can be very effective and these girls definitely chose a great spot as the Castle was bustling with visitors over the weekend.  It’s very inspiring to see young people taking on a cause and we were more than happy to support it.  Thanks to the mom’s behind the scences too who undoubtably bustled around to make sure the girls had everything they needed to pull it all together!

Great work girls!  (…and thanks for the lemonade it was delicious!  …and the bag of candies we munched on as we waited for our Big Bus to take us to the next adventure)

Fundraiser poster