$250,000 for Persons with Disabilities projects: Canada

NOW OPEN:  Canadian not-for-profit organizations can receive up to $250,000 per year for up to three years for projects that support the Government of Canada’s commitments under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Projects must focus on one or more of the following priorities: active living, accessibility, vulnerable populations and increasing awareness of disability-related issues.  Deadline: August 17, 2012

The Disability Component of the Social Development Partnership Program (SDPP-D) supports projects intended to improve the participation and integration of people with disabilities in all aspects of Canadian society. More specifically, the Program supports not-for-profit organizations across Canada in tackling barriers faced by people with disabilities with respect to social inclusion.

Please note that this Call for Proposals includes a requirement that applicants demonstrate they can secure 10 per cent of eligible project costs from non-federal government sources.

The objectives of the Social Development Partnership Program – Disability Component (SDPP-D) are to:

  • support the development and utilization of effective approaches to address social issues and challenges;
  • develop, exchange and apply knowledge, tools and resources that address the social needs of individuals, families and communities;
  • foster partnerships and networks to address existing and emerging social issues;
  • recognize and support the ability of not-for-profit organizations to identify and address social development priorities; and
  • recognize and promote community engagement initiatives (e.g. volunteerism, corporate social responsibility, innovation by not-for-profit organizations, partnerships, coalitions).

There it is, folks! Go get it!

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