Happy Canada Day! $10,000 from Tourism Cares (LOI due tomorrow)

Hi Funds Fans!  Try as we might to provide timely updates on funding opportunities, there are some times when they just appear out of nowhere in spite of all my sophisticated tracking gear, such is the case with this opportunity.  BOOM – there it was.  BOOM – the deadline is tomorrow.  BOOM – those are for the fireworks you might miss later if you decide to hunker down and get an LOI together for this offering.  Happy Canada Day!

Tourism Cares is accepting proposals for the 2012 Worldwide Grant Program.  Maximum Grant: $10,000Deadline: First Stage LOI (Letter of Intent) July 2nd, 2012Apply on-line only.

Tourism Cares, through its Worldwide Grant Program, is making a difference at cultural, historical, and natural tourism-related sites around the world. Bona fide, nonprofit, tax-exempt public charities may apply for projects to conserve, preserve, or restore the site, or educate visitors to the site. These requests may include brick-and-mortar capital improvement projects, or educational programs that will enhance interpretation of the site. In 2012, Tourism Cares intends to give two groups of up to six Worldwide Grants at up to $10,000 each for an annual total of up to $120,000 (subject to availability). The program goals strive for a balanced distribution to U. S. and non – U.S. recipients.

Eligibility Criteria: In the United States, applicants must be classified as a bona fide non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service, or be a federally-recognized American Indian or Alaska Native tribe within the United States OR outside the United States, and be classified by the country’s official taxing authority as a non-profit, tax-exempt public charity.  Note: Applications from organizations working with, or in, developing countries are welcome.

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