Two new funders!

Hello Funds Fans!  Two new funders for you to have a look at today and both accept applications year-round.

The Allstate Foundation of Canada was established in 1977 to provide grants to charities and not-for-profit organizations that are involved in a variety of activities or educational initiatives around crime prevention, road safety and home safety.  Applications by email are preferred.  Eligible projects/recipients must be a not-for-profit or charitable organization with a Canadian Charitable Registration Number/Business Number (BN); require funding for the following activities and/or educational initiatives: crime prevention, road safety or home safety; require funding for one of the following: research projects, special projects, operating funds, building funds, emergency funds, deficit financing, equipment funds, matching funds and seed money.   Note: Grants will not be given for conferences, seminars, endowment funds, or to individuals for awards, fellowships, scholarships or bursaries.

You can also look to Pitney Bowes for funding in the areas of Education, Health and Research, Civics and Community Services, Arts and Culture.  To submit a Pitney Bowes Grant Application, please review the Guidelines for Donations and Charities outlined on their page and complete a Grant Application form.  Each year, Pitney Bowes Inc. gives millions in direct grants, in-kind services, employee matching gifts and volunteer grants to qualified non-profit organizations.

There it is, folks!  Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend 🙂