Funds for Youth Science, Boating Safety and “Green Streets” Projects

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Greetings, Funds Fans!  Today has been a wonderful day for finding new funding sources.  It’s definitely a mixed bag but they are all gooders!

For starters there is the The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) PromoScience program which offers financial support for organizations working with young Canadians to promote an understanding of science and engineering (including mathematics and technology). Organizations may request funds for up to three years at a time.  Maximum Grant: +$100,000/yr. and under.  Deadline: September 15th, 2012.

PromoScience supports hands-on learning experiences for young students and their science teachers. Grants may be used to cover improvements to program content or delivery, as well as for new programs and activities. Grants can also be used to cover operational costs such as salaries, travel, postage, materials and supplies, provided that they relate to the promotion of science and engineering. Please note that grants may not be used to support research or program evaluations. Details on the eligibility of expenses are contained in the Use of Grant Funds section of the PromoScience Grants Guide.

Next we have Transport Canada’s Boating Safety Contribution Program (BSCP) which is designed to provide funding to organizations with a shared interest in promoting boating safety or conducting research on the most effective ways to change behavior towards boating safety. The program aims to raise public awareness of boating safety; to advance knowledge of boating safety issues, practices and behaviours in Canada; and to support regulatory compliance.  Maximum Grant: unknown but there is $500,000 available under this Call for Proposals.  Deadline: November 1st, 2012.

Funding under the BSCP is anticipated to improve the safety of waterways and the safety of operators of recreational vessels (i.e. pleasure craft) and small boats in Canada by funding projects that: increase the number of pleasure craft operators following safe boating practices; improve availability of national boating incident data so as to improve stakeholder’s capacity to deliver evidence-based awareness and education initiatives; and contribute to the reduction in loss of life, injuries and property damage, due to boating accidents.

And, to round things off, we have the TD Green Streets program which provides funding to Canadian municipalities and Aboriginal communities, as well as Business Improvement Associations (BIAs) in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.  Maximum Grant: up to $15,000 (matching).  Deadline: December 7, 2012. 

TD Green Streets encourages and supports the adoption of leading-edge practices in municipal forestry including:

  • Innovative urban forest planning
  • Single tree and forest stand innovation demonstration projects
  • Policy and best management practices workshops
  • Outreach and educational activities on innovative practices including arboricultural practices
  • Innovative management tools to protect and maintain the urban forest
  • Innovative urban design which showcases “green infrastructure”
  • Innovative planting techniques

Collaborative project applications involving two or more communities are encouraged. Municipalities may apply in partnership with their community partners.  A minimum of 50 per cent matching funding must come from other (non-TD Green Streets) sources (such as municipalities, Lions Club, donations etc.). In-kind contributions cannot exceed 25 per cent of the total program costs.  Communities who have received TD Green Streets funding in the past are welcome to re-apply.

There’s where we found some today, folks!  Remember, if you can’t make use of the information you probably know someone who can so share, share, share.

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