Funds for High Science; Land Development & Sustainability; NPO Strategic Planning

Hello Funds Fans!  Today we present another mixed bag of funding opportunities for you to have a look at.  The first has been neatly summarized by Carbon Management Canada for us.  These are funding opportunities from the European Commission and are open to Canadian organizations.  Calls for Proposals are currently open under the topics of Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH), Nanotechnology, materials and production (NMP) as well as Energy.  Please click on the link to Carbon Management Canada for more details.  Also, you can check our earlier post on EU initiatives as we found BIG MONEY for other Made-In-Canada projects.  A brief synopsis of these opportunities from the EC is as follows:

Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH): Transatlantic Social Sciences and Humanities Platform.  The Transatlantic Social Sciences and Humanities Platform should step up international cooperation between research programmes through the networking of those programmes and closer coordination of activities; enhance the networking of on-going research projects run by both the EU and those partner countries that are addressed by this call in the area of social sciences and humanities; strengthen the production, use and communication of research activities and findings in areas of relevance for all partners involved.

This call is addressed in particular to programme “managers”, such as research councils or funding agencies, or other national or regional organisations that implement research programmes in the areas of social sciences and humanities in the EU Member States, Associated Countries, Canada, the USA, Mexico and Brazil.

Nanotechnology, materials and production (NMP): Rational design of functional materials, networking and sharing of best practices.  The proposed coordination action(s) should network stakeholders allowing them to benefit from sharing knowledge in the emerging field of multi-scale computational design of functional materials, the so-called materials by design. To accelerate progress and increase impact, the proposals should include activities to promote a deeper understanding between the different communities (atomic, molecular, meso-/macroscale, academia and industry) which may use very different tools/methods and have different expectations and requirements.

This Coordination and Support Action can take into account the importance of relevant computational methods and software developments at the international level, thus the inclusion of international aspects and involvement of international stakeholder’s networks.

Under the Energy banner, proposals are being accepted on the topic of Combined Underground Coal Gasification and CO2 Capture and Storage.  Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) holds potential for reduced CO2 emissions per unit of gasified coal, for reduced impact from mining operations, and for using the site for CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS). Projects should have a predominant research component, addressing both the environmental and engineering aspects. Emphasis should be on the integrated design, engineering and operation of UCG with reactor zone carbon sequestration, and on the coupled simulation of geomechanical and hydrological effects, including groundwater contamination and surface subsidence.

Projects must clearly describe how they will build on and progress the state of the art as presented by previous and ongoing research, and shall aim to establish collaborative links with leading research projects in the field, both in and outside Europe.

For initiatives closer to home, you can have a look at the Real Estate Foundation (REF) for projects that fall under the themes of Built Environment, Fresh Water Sustainability and Sustainable Food Systems.  Deadline: August 27th, 2012.  The REF has a legislated mandate to support “real estate related” research, education, law reform, and other initiatives intended to support the public or professional good in relation to real estate activities.

For all NPO’s and Charitable Orgainzations across Canada, Innoweave has just opened a new initiative called Impact and Strategic Clarity module. The application deadline is Friday, September 14, 2012 for a program that will run between November 2012 and March 2013. Ten to 14 organizations will be accepted as participants.

As community organizations seek to maximize their impact and ensure that their scarce resources do the most good, Innoweave’s Impact and Strategic Clarity Module helps them examine their current efforts in a structured and strategic way. Organizations can then clarify what they aim to achieve, how they will achieve it, and how they will measure their success. Redefining a clear strategy, using new tools and processes to deliver measurable results, gives organizations an excellent opportunity to maximize their impact.  At the end of the process, each participating organization will: Understand and commit to achieving a defined impact; Understand the steps required to achieve that impact; Understand how to explain the organization’s direction to key stakeholders.

The Innoweave Impact and Strategic Clarity Module is an important component of the broader Innoweave Program. This module is supported by United Way Centraide Canada, PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Foundation, United Way York Region, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, and CISCO Canada.

There it is – go and get it!