NOW OPEN: Funds for Arts & Heritage and Grassroots Environmental Projects

Good day Funds Fans!  Again we have some great new funding sources for you.  But first, a big shout out to Funds for NGO’s as they provide an exceptional source of international funding news.  Please check them out and sign up for their updates as well.

On the Canadian front, we have just learned that Canadian Heritage has launched a new call for proposals for its Strategic Initiatives program.  Maximum Grant: up to $100,000+  Deadline: October 9th, 2012.

Strategic Initiatives provides financial assistance for projects involving multiple partners that will help arts and heritage organizations strengthen their management abilities, make strategic use of new technologies and diversify their revenues. By supporting collaborative projects, Strategic Initiatives encourages knowledge and resource sharing that will improve the business operations of arts and heritage organizations and help them make stronger contributions to Canadian society and the economy; and that will advance cultural development at the local level.

Eligibility for the Strategic Initiatives funding includes Non-profit organizations, associations, institutions, or foundations incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act, Part II or provincial or territorial legislation; First Nations, Inuit or Métis organizations; Postsecondary education institution or a heritage organization created by another level of government with distinct objectives, programs and budgets related to the arts or heritage.

Also, Patagonia is now accepting Grant Applications for Grassroots Environmental Campaigns that have provocative direct-action agendas and are working on multi-pronged campaigns to preserve and protect the environment. The program seeks to fund work that is action-oriented, builds public involvement and support, is strategic, focuses on root causes, accomplishes specific goals and objectives, and demonstrates a commitment to long-term change.  Grants range from $3,000 to $8,000.  Deadline: August 31st, 2012.

Patagonia grants are geared toward helping local groups working to protect local habitat, and thinks that individual battles to protect a specific stand of forest, stretch of river or indigenous wild species are the most effective in raising more complicated issues – particularly those of biodiversity and ecosystem protection – in the public mind.  The company looks for innovative groups that produce measurable results, and likes to support efforts that force the government to abide by its own – their own – laws. Applicants efforts should be quantifiable, with specific goals, objectives and action plans, and should include measures for evaluating success.

That’s our spiel for today folks but stay tuned as we have a long list of funders coming up!  September is going to be a busy month 🙂

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