Sunday Post: Back from black

We're back from black!Hi Funds Fans!  After a brief, and undeserved suspension, this blog is back on the digital highway.  What a horrifying experience; being in the dark.  When I read that I had somehow violated the WordPress Terms of Service and realized that every visitor would be turned away, a thousand things started going through my mind and a sense of panic set in.

I wondered had my blog been hacked and used in some dark, digital way by spammers?  Had I been accused of plagarism or copyright infringement?  Did some dimwit automatically assume that because the phrase “findfun” is in the blog title that this site is some XXX piece and report it?  Did someone have an issue with me crediting their work on my blog?  Am I about to get sued? ….

This torture went on for a few hours as I poured through the Terms of Service over and over again, emailed Support and posted in the community forum.  Finally, and much to my relief, an actual person from WordPress Support emailed me with news about the suspension.  It was something small and simple and weird.

Before I get to what it was that caused my entire blog to be advertised as entirely defunct, I think it’s important to note that WordPress Support works at amazing speed.  From the time of suspension to the first email from an actual person at Support, only three hours had passed.  This seems incredible considering that Freshly Pressed stats tell us that there are nearly half a million blogs out there and (as of right now), over one million new posts.  It took them ONLY three hours to respond to a blogger who represents just 0.000002% of the blogging community.  Outstanding!

Of course, at the time it felt like an eternity and I was in terrible angst over all the possible new visitors who were being turned away, possibly never to return, feeling horrified at the thought that I’d let down all my regular viewers and those who had shared the now dead link with their friends, thus spreading the shame to the innocent.  Dramatic?  Maybe.  Nevertheless, it was a sincerely horrifying experience to be suddenly and arbitrarily shut down and blacklisted; condemned guilty without a trial and without knowledge of the charge.  The only thing between me and eternal darkness being a WordPress Support technician; someone I’d never met and who could be living anywhere on God’s green earth.

As it turned out, it was a small matter.  I had linked to a funding source that had recently re-organized and undergone a name change but the funding data and applications were still being hosted on the old domain.  I was required to remove any links to the old domain site.  Simple.  The weird part is that the old domain was a publicly funded organization.

So, although we’ve been allowed back into the digital light stream, some dark questions seem to remain.