NOW OPEN: Climate Change Adaptation Program at AANDC

Climate ChangeAboriginal and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) has opened the Climate Change Adaptation Program for 2013-2014.   Deadline for Letters of Interest is September 26th, 2012.

Climate change poses a significant risk to community well-being and the environment. Aboriginal and northern communities are amongst the most vulnerable communities to climate change impacts in Canada. AANDC is supporting Aboriginal and northern communities to assess risks and challenges posed by climate change impacts and to become more resilient.  The CCAP, delivered by the AANDC’s Climate Change Division, is designed to support Canada’s commitment to Aboriginal and northern peoples’ pursuit of healthy and sustainable communities by allowing communities to prepare for challenges created by a changing environment.

CCAP provides resources to communities, organizations and institutions that can take the lead in assessing and developing management strategies to adapt to the impacts of a changing climate; undertake risk and vulnerability assessments; and identify appropriate actions designed to reduce risks due to a changing climate and its impacts.  Community involvement is essential for successful climate change adaptation planning in Aboriginal and northern communities; therefore CCAP requires that communities be engaged throughout the duration of any project supported by the Program. Through the leadership of key community members, Aboriginal and northern communities can plan and adapt to climate change.

All Letters of Interest will be reviewed by CCAP and successfully approved applicants will be invited to submit a fully developed proposal for funding consideration.

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