Funds for Bibliophiles and other Endangered Species

Love books?Well, here we are at Thursday and still there are great funding sources to share with you.

For all bibliophiles out there, the Canadian National Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY Canada) is now accepting proposals for the 2012 Frances E. Russell Grant. The $1,000 grant is intended to support IBBY Canada’s mission “to initiate and encourage research in young people’s literature in all its forms” and is given in support of research for a publishable work (a book or a paper) on Canadian children’s literature.  The deadline for proposals, which may be submitted in English or in French, is October 31, 2012.

The grant supports scholarly work only; works of fiction are not eligible. The types of works that are eligible for the 2012 Frances E. Russell Grant include:

  • Studies of individual authors and their work, especially if considered in their socio-historical context.
  • Comparative studies of two or more authors, which illuminate their stylistic differences, or consider their social and historical approaches.
  • Subject/Genre overviews, for example, children’s fantasy or historical fiction.
  • Biographical studies of Canadian children’s authors or illustrators.
  • Studies of Canadian children’s illustrators and their work.
  • Related subjects including contemporary theoretical approaches to the study of Canadian children’s literature.

In other news, the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) is accepting proposals to their Endangered Species FundDeadline: November 15th, 2012.  Maximum Grant: up to $100,000 (estimate).  The Canadian Wildlife Federation has established the Endangered Species Fund to support research that will benefit the conservation of species at risk. Canada’s vast landscape is brimming with species that need our help. However, the number is too great and the space is too large to address them all. As a result, CWF has decided to target Canada’s threatened aquatic species, which are often overlooked. The Fund will focus on improving our knowledge of marine and freshwater species, but will also consider projects addressing iconic species such as the polar bear or the caribou.

Applicants must be associated, either directly or through partnership, with a charitable organization such as a non-governmental organization or university. Funds can only be provided to a registered Canadian charitable organization.  Funding will typically be awarded on an annual basis; however, where a strong need for a longer period of support is demonstrated, funding over multiple years may be awarded.

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