Feature Funder: The “Call me anytime” Funder(s)

Happy Friday, Funds Fans!  Our image today features Canada’s favorite green guy Kermit the Frog and the equally famous Blondie of “Call me (call me) on the line, Call me, call me any, anytime” fame.  If you’ve never heard the song AND you haven’t had your morning coffee yet, you can try this version for a wake-up.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Feature Funder and today’s theme features funders that accept proposals and grant applications all year round.  That is, they have no set deadlines and may fund as needs arise.  Since it’s a long list – let’s get to it!

The Children and Youth with Special Needs Fund provides grants to families throughout the province who have children or youth (under 19) with special needs living at home.  Applications are accepted year-round and begins with a Letter of Inquiry which must include a Letter of Support from an appropriate professional (i.e. Occupational or Physical Therapist, Doctor or Social Worker).

The Royal Bank of Canada provides funding under the categories of Sponsorships and Donations. Applications for Sponsorships and Donations are accepted year-yound. Most of RBC’s giving under these programs is for up to $20,000.

BMO Financial Group provides donations and sponsorships at both the community and national levels. Specific projects or programs may be supported if they add value to the scope of services offered by an organization in the following areas: Education, Hospitals, Health and Research, Civic and Community Services, Arts and Culture.

For those of you with a Thrifty Foods in your neighbourhood, Thrifty provides community support grants and community organization sponsorship grants. Applications for over $500 are reviewed on a monthly basis, requests under $500 are reviewed bi-weekly. Please submit applications at least six (6) weeks prior to the event or anticipated need.

The McLean Foundation accepts Letters of Inquiry from Registered Charities year round and supports a variety of projects in the Arts, Conservation, Education, Health and Social Wellness. Grants range from $1,500 to $35,000.

Computers for Schools BC provides quality refurbished computer equipment at no cost or low cost to schools, libraries, Community Access (CAP) sites and learning focused not-for-profit organizations across our province. BC Schools, public and private, registered with the Ministry of Education are eligible to apply for equipment through the CFS program. Not for Profit organization should have a mandate promoting learning or education. A registered charitable number is required. There is no deadline for applications and shipping is free.

Investors Group is committed to supporting grassroots programs that benefit local communities directly and with immediacy. Recipient organizations fall within one of these general categories: arts & culture, civic causes, education & youth, environment, health, social services, amateur sport & recreation. In addition to grant opportunities, funding is also available for community sponsorship events. If funding relates to a specific event, your application should be submitted no later than 4 months prior to the event. Applications are reviewed throughout the year. Maximim Grant $5,000.

Inter-Action is Canada’s new Multiculturalism Grants and Contributions Program. The primary intention is to create concrete opportunities for interaction among cultural and faith communities through community-based events that foster intercultural or interfaith understanding, civic memory and pride or respect for core democratic values. Deadline: Applications will be considered year-round. Maximum Grant: $15,000

Heritage Legacy Fund of British Columbia: Applications accepted year-round. The Heritage Legacy Fund provides financial assistance to registered charities, non-profit organizations and local governments in support of community projects that conserve and increase the understanding and appreciation of British Columbia’s heritage resources. Funding is available through two programs: Heritage Conservation – up to $25,000 for the preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of heritage resources.  Heritage Awareness – up to $10,000 for the research, documentation, presentation and publication of information about specific community heritage resources.

Canadian Heritage provides up to 50% of eligible project expenses under the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund for the improvement, renovation and construction of arts and heritage facilities, and the acquisition of specialized equipment as well as conducting feasibility studies. As with the CMHC programs, funding has been secured beyond this year’s budget and applications are accepted year-round

The Brainerd Foundation provides granting support to protect the environment of the Northwest and to build broad citizen support for conservation. They accomplish this by investing in nonprofit organizations in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. Letters of inquiry are accepted year-round and successful projects will receive an invitation to submit a full proposal.

The Home Depot Canada Foundation believes that good neighbours make great neighbourhoods. The Foundation is dedicated to sharing their time, knowledge and resources to support affordable housing and in building strong communities for Canadians in need. As such, they provide support to Canadian registered charities who share their commitment to building strong communities through two grant programs: Community Grants: Applications accepted year-round. Maximum grant $5,000 (cash and/or gift card). The purpose of this fund is for small-scale affordable housing initiatives and neighbourhood improvement projects that serve Canadians in need and encourage hands-on service through volunteer engagement. Eligible projects include but are not limited to: small-scale affordable housing and neighbourhood improvement projects that involve rebuilding, repairing, painting, refurbishing, landscaping, and planting.

The Carthy Foundation, based in Calgary, Alberta, is a private foundation established in 1965. Their mission reflects both the intentions of the founders, and the needs of the country in the new millennium. Carthy Foundation supports initiatives that align with their granting approach, and fall within one of their program tracks:  Youth, Adolescent Emotional Health and Wellness, Career Transitions for Youth and Young Adults, Environment, Market-Based Mechanisms, Urban Ecology & Ecological Design.  To apply, send a letter of inquiry along with background data on your organization. Letters are accepted year-round and funding decisions are made on a quarterly basis. Please note, the Foundation respectfully requests no public recognition for funded projects.

Yum! Breakfast!! Breakfast Clubs of Canada is a national organization dedicated to supporting community-based breakfast programs for schoolchildren. They raise funds for programs and help to sustain them by providing appliances, food donations and management tools. Breakfast Clubs of Canada assesses grant requests from registered not-for-profit organizations and/or schools that provide breakfast to schoolchildren living in underprivileged areas. Eligibility includes programs that are already in operation as well as new program start-ups. Applications are accepted year-round.

The Canada Safeway Foundation (click the Sustainability tab at their site) provides funding to programs and initiatives that support: Children and families living with disabilities, Breast cancer research and awareness, Prostate cancer research and awareness, Nutrition education and hunger prevention.  Applications can be found here along with a list of regional Public Affairs officers.

The mission of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) is to invest in projects that maintain and enhance the health and biological diversity of British Columbia’s fish, wildlife, and habitats so that people can use, enjoy, and benefit from these resources.  Several funding streams are available. Seed Funding of $5,000 is available year-round for proposals that are geared towards projects that are still at the design or visioning stage. These projects require small amounts of funding to develop a full proposal for submission to HCTF in the next funding year. Seed funding is available to non-government proponents only, limited to a maximum of $5000, not for small projects under $5,000 that are regular enhancement projects or for “on-the-ground” activities and projects that are expected to result in a full New proposal submitted the following year.

Grassroots Donations of MEC Product: MEC product and gift cards enable grassroots conservation or access groups to raise funds or reward volunteers. The average contribution is approximately $200. Projects under this banner must help to support environmental conservation and initiatives that enable and inspire outdoor adventure. To apply, please complete their online application. MEC welcomes applications at any time and reviews them on an ongoing basis. MEC will contact you within six weeks if they are able to support your project.

The History Education Network (THEN/HiER) will consider requests for support up to a maximum of $2,500 anytime during the year. This is the first pan-Canadian organization devoted to promoting and improving history teaching and learning by bringing together the multiple and varied constituencies involved in history education. Their goal is to stimulate an active, participatory dialogue among the various communities of history educators, a dialogue that explores how best to improve history education in all its forms through more research-informed practice (from kindergarten to graduate school) and more practice-informed research.

The Inspirit Foundation is a new, national grant-making organization that supports Canadians, particularly young adults, in building a more inclusive and pluralistic Canada.  The Foundation provides a funding stream called Breakthrough Funding. These grants identify, foster and sponsor a select number of initiatives each year that help advance our vision of a stronger, more pluralist Canada. Those activities include: media products & platforms, activities, programs & events, research projects, publications & thought pieces.  For more information on accessing and applying for Breakthrough Funding, please contact Gwen Joy: gjoy@inspiritfoundation.ca

The Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC (IAFBC).Established in 1996, the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC is an industry-led, not-for-profit organization working to foster growth and innovation across British Columbia’s agriculture and agri-food industry. Under their Small Projects Program, up to $10,000 is available and there are no set deadlines to apply. It’s best to apply at least 30 days before your project is due to start, however. Funding is conditional on the following:

• The total value of your project should not exceed $30,000. Your total request for IAF funding should not exceed $10,000.

• Your project must be completed within one year.

• Funding is not intended for sub-components of larger projects.

• Projects are funded on a cost-shared basis. This means we are willing to invest in your project when your industry is also willing to invest its own money.

The Allstate Foundation of Canada was established in 1977 to provide grants to charities and not-for-profit organizations that are involved in a variety of activities or educational initiatives around crime prevention, road safety and home safety. Applications by email are preferred. Eligible projects/recipients must be a not-for-profit or charitable organization with a Canadian Charitable Registration Number/Business Number (BN); require funding for the following activities and/or educational initiatives: crime prevention, road safety or home safety; require funding for one of the following: research projects, special projects, operating funds, building funds, emergency funds, deficit financing, equipment funds, matching funds and seed money. Note: Grants will not be given for conferences, seminars, endowment funds, or to individuals for awards, fellowships, scholarships or bursaries.

You can also look to Pitney Bowes for funding in the areas of Education, Health and Research, Civics and Community Services, Arts and Culture. To submit a Pitney Bowes Grant Application, please review the Guidelines for Donations and Charities outlined on their page and complete a Grant Application form. Each year, Pitney Bowes Inc. gives millions in direct grants, in-kind services, employee matching gifts and volunteer grants to qualified non-profit organizations.

The vision at the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation is a Canada where all people feel a sense of belonging and contribute as active citizens to improving the well-being of all.  Unsolicited proposals will be considered via their online application process. Once they are reviewed, you may receive a request for a full proposal or be filed for possible future consideration. If the proposal falls outside of their granting guidelines, it will be declined.  Please note, the Foundation also makes a limited number of responsive grants in line with its mission and program priorities. Application information is here.

The David Foster Foundation; dedicated to providing financial support to Canadian families with children in need of life-saving organ transplants. In addition to helping families with their non-medical expenses, the Foundation strives to increase organ donor registration through public awareness campaigns in Canada and the United States.  The Foundation will provide funding for non-medical expenses for the families of children needing life-saving organ transplants and provide support up to the child’s 19th birthday, from their initial assessments to postoperative check-ups. This may include: transportation costs, accommodation, long distance phone calls and meals and groceries for the family while they are in another city for their child’s transplant or related care; clothes and basic personal items if the family has to leave their hometown suddenly for treatment or for their child’s transplant; and rent or mortgage assistance on a short-term basis if necessary while the family is in another city or province for surgery or medical treatment.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (BC – Yukon). They provide a program called the Small Initiative Fund which provides funding for small scale community initiatives in breast cancer and breast health education and awareness. Requests for up to $5,000 are accepted on an on-going basis. Applications for this program are accepted throughout the year.

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) administers the Investors Group Community Coaching Conferences program. These grants are available for organizations that bring coaches of community-based sports together under one roof to learn, train, and network with each other. Eligible applicants can include: Local schools, Parks and recreation departments, Community sport clubs, City leagues, Provincial/territorial coaching associations, Provincial/territorial sport organizations and National sport organizations.

The Harrison McCain Foundation (no website) supports education, health and social services needs as expressed to them in written applications. Grants are primarily focused on the Atlantic Provinces but, on occasion, grants are given elsewhere in Canada. The Foundation requires: the name, directors and charitable status of the organization requesting funds; a clear description of the need, the costs, the anticipated impact and outcomes of the project, how it will be measured; an indication of exactly how much is being requested; over what period of time; and the most recent financial statement of the organization making the request. Your applications for fund should be addressed to:

Edwina McBrine, Administrator, Harrison McCain Foundation

8800 Main Street Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick, E7L 1B2

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Happy Thanksgiving from British Columbia, Canada 🙂