NOW OPEN: Air Quality applied research funding

Clean Air Funds!Hi Funds Fans!  For those of you interested in clean air, here’s a little research fund to get your project off the ground 🙂

BC CLEAR provides grants to support transformative research of strategic importance for the management of air quality in British Columbia. The Fund is sponsored by the BC Ministry of Environment and is jointly managed with two other parties — Metro Vancouver and Environment Canada (EC), and is administered by the Fraser Basin Council.  Maximum Grant: $20,000.  Deadline: October 26th, 2012.

Eligibility: Researchers from academic institutions, government organizations, First Nations, industry, consulting and non-government organizations are eligible to apply to the fund.  All applied research projects that have direct relevance to air quality management within British Columbia are eligible for support from the BC CLEAR Fund. Applied research includes “original investigation undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge to help understand and solve air quality management issues.” In general, this would include furthering understanding on the nature of air quality, the physical processes involved (atmospheric, emissions, transformations), the effects on the environment and humans, and air quality management systems.

It’s short and sweet today folks, but for additional funding sources you can also see our recent post on “anytime” funders and check out other October deadlines!

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Stay tuned 😉