Monday Money: RFP for Transportation Research 

Get in gear for this RFP!

Deadline: November 2nd, 2012. Max. Value: $15,000

Greetings, Funds Fans!  We have an interesting RFP opportunity for those of you in the transportation or research industry.

The Canadian Transportation Research Forum (CTRF) is an independent Canadian not-for-profit organization established in 1965 that promotes the development and exchange of research in transportation and related fields. Membership in CTRF is comprised of academic researchers, government policy makers, industry practitioners, consultants and not-for-profit organizations from all over Canada with an interest in transportation-sector research.

The CTRF, through its newly established Canadian Freight Transportation Research Program (CFTRP), is seeking proposals for freight transportation research projects that address a clear and pressing research need or priority of Canadian industry and/or public policy makers.  Deadline: November 2nd, 2012.  Maximum RFP value: $15,000

CFTRP is seeking to help fund a freight transportation research project that: addresses a clear research need and priority of Canadian industry or public policy makers; will help provide positive exposure for the CTRF and the CFTRP in the distribution of the research results; and should be a project that would not otherwise be undertaken without external funding support.

The aim of the CFTRP is three fold:

1) To encourage research on Canadian freight transportation topics deemed to be priorities to industry and/or public policy makers;

2) To disseminate research on these topics to those that have a particular need and interest in this research, including within industry and public policy circles; and,

3) To enable freight transportation research in priority areas by facilitating related research funding, where this may be required, via various funding research vehicles, to the extent available.

There it is, folks.  Remember, if you can’t make use of the information, you probably know someone who can!  So, share, share, share 🙂

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