Big List O’ Funds 

This way to moneyHappy Friday, Funds Fans!  We have several excellent funding opportunities to share with you today.  Since the weekend is coming up, you’ll have lots of time to check them all out too 🙂

First, let’s have a look at TELUS Community Grants which are currently available for the Vancouver region, BC North and BC South and the Sea to Sky corridor.  Sport organizations are eligible to apply if their specific projects are registered with the Canadian national sport trust fund.

Investments will be geared toward projects that best meet our funding guidelines and demonstrate the following criteria:

1. A focus on youth and that showcases social and/or technological innovation

2. A focus in arts & culture, education & sport, and health & well-being in our environment

Vancouver TELUS Community GrantApplication Deadline: October 25, 2012.

BC North TELUS Community GrantApplication Deadline: November 2, 2012

BC South TELUS Community GrantApplication Deadline: November 2, 2012

BC Sea to Sky TELUS Community GrantApplication Deadline: November 6, 2012

Next we have the Global Fund for Women .  This organization invests in women’s groups that advance the human rights of women and girls. They strengthen women-led organizations based outside the United States by providing grants for operating and program expenses and value local expertise, believing that women know best how to determine their needs and can propose solutions for lasting change.  Grants range from $500 to $30,000. Deadline: December 31st, 2012 and June 30th, 2013.

The Global Fund for Women is committed to providing support to women’s groups throughout the world in a fair and just way. Application forms are available in five languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish and have capacity to process applications in other languages. Grants are awarded based on criteria and priorities determined in partnership with women’s rights activists working on the ground.  Their grantmaking strategy reflects three tiers of grants that include: Catalyzing new women-led organizations and initiatives; Strengthening the work of existing grantees; Assisting long-term grantees to consolidate, accelerate and extend their work, learning and impact.

The Global Fund for Women supports the following kinds of organizations: Groups of women working together; Organizations that demonstrate a clear commitment to women’s equality and women’s human rights; Organizations that are governed and directed by women; Organizations based outside of the United States.

Also of note is that the Union of BC Municipalitites has opened it’s 2013 Age-friendly Community Planning & Project GrantsMaximum Grant $20,000.  Deadline: November 16th, 2012.  An age-friendly community is a community where older people are supported to live active, socially engaged, and independent lives through policies, services and structures designed to support them.

Eligible applicants are local governments (municipalities and regional districts) in British Columbia. A higher ranking will be given to local governments that have not received funding under this program since 2007 and/or to applicants that indicate working collaboratively with one or more partners (e.g. health authority, board of education, community-based organization, First Nation or Aboriginal organization or other local government) and/or that include the direct participation of seniors in the planning stages.

There it is, folks.  Remember, if you can’t make use of the information, you probably know someone who can!  So, share, share, share :)

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