New funding! FN Education, Affordable Housing initiatives, Legal and Multi-cultural projects :)

Crazy WeatherHere it is Monday after a weekend of maniacal Twitter-feed watching of the Haida Gwaii earthquakes, Hawaiian tsunami alert and the coming east coast Frankenstorm.  I am pooped.  Not too pooped to keep my eye on funding sources though and I’ve found a few more gooders for you to have a look at.

The First Nations Education Steering Committee has issued a Call for Proposals entiitled “Professional Development (Pro-D) Events for Aboriginal Language & Culture Teachers”.  Maximum Grant: $10,000 Deadline: November 12th, 2012.  Each First Nations school or community in BC is eligible to apply.  This program is designed to assist Aboriginal Language and Culture Teachers to better meet the needs of their students. First Nations are encouraged to work in partnership with local School Districts and/or public schools to design and deliver joint professional development focused on supporting Aboriginal Language and Culture Teachers in enhancing their knowledge and instructional skills.

Also, CMHC is accepting applications for Seed Funding right now.   CMHC Seed Funding offers financial assistance to housing proponents who are in the early stages of developing an affordable housing project.  CMHC Seed Funding provides financial assistance to carry out the initial activities required to develop a proposal for an affordable housing project that will result in increasing the stock of affordable housing in Canada.

The maximum amount of Seed Funding is $20,000 per housing project; up to $10,000 is available as a grant (no repayment required), up to $10,000 may be available as an interest-free loan, which is repayable if the housing project proceeds.

Seed Funding may be made available to any proponent of a housing project that will be affordable. For example, the proponent may be: a private entrepreneur/builder/developer, a private non-profit housing organization, a non-profit co-operative, a group of individuals who may or may not intend to become incorporated, a Faith-based organization, a municipality or a First Nation.

Seed Funding may be used to pay for a variety of activities in the early stages of developing a housing project proposal. Expenses must be directly related to the achievement of any of the following activities: Incorporation, analysis of need and demand for the proposed project, preliminary analysis of financial viability, preliminary design of the housing project, preparation of business plan.

The Law Foundation of British Columbia provides for two funding streams annually.  Small Projects funding  of up to $15,000 for one-time projects and applications are due December 2012.  Large Projects funding of up to $75,000 is also available for one-time projects and LOI’s are due February 2013.  A project grant application must be submitted by a non-profit organization and must fall within one or more of the Foundation’s five mandated areas which are: legal education, legal research, legal aid, law reform and law libraries for the benefit of British Columbians.

Multiculturalism grants are offered by the Minister of State for Multiculturalism and are administered by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch. These grants are separate from community gaming grants. Eligible organizations may apply in both of the multiculturalism grant sectors and may also apply for a community gaming grant — all in the same year.  Eligibility for Multiculturalism Grants includes Non-profit societies and community-based organizations (including ad hoc committees, coalitions, umbrella organizations, associations and centres) that reflect Aboriginal or ethno-cultural communities.  Maximum Grant: $5,000 per organizationApplications will be accepted from November 1st, 2012 to February 15th, 2013 under the Cultural Expression Sector and Capacity Building Sector.  Final notification by March 31st, 2013.

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