NOW OPEN: Funding for Consumer Advocate Organizations

Consumer advocacy funding now available!Hello dear Funds Fans!  An interesting array of funding opportunities has come up lately.  If you missed it, please have a look at the Deadline Alert for November 2012 and be sure to sign up on the right with your email address to recieve updates since new opportunities always show up throughout the month.

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Now, on with the show.  Where’s the money?

Industry Canada has just opened the Contributions Program for Non-profit Consumer and Voluntary Organizations.  The  overall goal of the Program is to strengthen the consumer’s role in the marketplace through the promotion of sound research and analysis, and by encouraging the financial self-sufficiency of consumer (and voluntary) organizations.  Maximum Grant: up to $100,000+.  Deadline:  Noon Pacific Time, November 28th, 2012.

Eligible recipients will be voluntary organizations that are incorporated as non-profit corporations in Canada and which can demonstrate that they:

  • have a governance structure which assures accountability to a membership representing the consumer interest,
  • have the structure, governance and funding arrangements which do not expose them to commercial influence on their research and policy positions,
  • are capable of reaching consumers who are not members of the organization itself,
  • are competent, credible, and accountable in carrying out the projects, and
  • are guided by objectives which are consistent with the program objective.

The following suggested research project topics are listed for information only and are not in any order of priority and are not mandatory:

  • Digital Economy and Consumers Consumer involvement in Internet, telecommunications and other digital technologies.
  • Financial Services and Consumers Consumer issues in financial services and products.
  • Marketplace Issues Consumer interest in marketplace rules and regulations.
  • Responsible/Sustainable Consumption and Consumers Consumer’s role and issues regarding sustainable services and products.
  • Vulnerable Consumers Issues surrounding the most vulnerable or disadvantaged Canadian consumers.
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