NOW OPEN: Forestry Innovation Funding for Market Initiatives

B.C. Forestry Market Initiatives funding NOW OPEN!Greetings to you all, Funds Fans!  Today, we have news that Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) has just opened a Call for Proposals under its Market Initiatives Program.  Established in April 2003, FII manages British Columbia’s investments to promote B.C.’s forest products to the global marketplace, and works with the forest industry to develop and diversify markets for forest products. FII is responsible for a range of programs designed to strengthen demand for B.C. wood products and ensure customers have factual, timely information about B.C.’s sustainable forest management practices.   Maximum funding: up to $100,000+ (estimate).  Deadline:  December 17th, 2012.

Key objectives for the initiative include to:

  • Position British Columbia as a global supplier of world-class environmentally friendly forest products;
  • Actively maintain, create and diversify demand for B.C. forest products in Canada and in key world markets;
  • Help break down non-tariff trade and market barriers to ensure opportunities for B.C. forest products;
  • Work with the forest industry to promote B.C.’s forest products and forest management to the global marketplace; and
  • Help ensure that the forest sector, through product development and strong international sales, continues to be a leading contributor to the B.C. economy.

Funding will be directed only to groups or associations representing multi-company partnerships, and serving the objectives of a large geographic area, or the majority of producers of a specific species, or product category. FII funding is to result in benefits that can be accrued to or accessible by multiple companies / interested parties, and not be limited to the proprietary interests of any one organization / company.

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