Global Mental Health funding… and LOTS of it!

Global Mental HealthHi Funds Fans!  There’s exciting news for mental health funding today.  Grand Challenges Canada has just issued a Request for Proposals and has committed up to $10 million CAD for an initiative entitiled “Integrated Innovations to Improve Treatments and Expand Access to Care”.

They expect to fund proposals from eligible applicants such as non-profit organizations, for-profit companies and other recognized institutions that can successfully execute the activities in their respective technical area, and are capable of receiving and administering grant funding, including those based in low- and lower-middle-income countries, CIDA ‘Countries of Focus’ and Canada, working in low-resource settings through two funding streams:

1. Seed grants to support the development and validation of ideas to improve treatments and expand access to care, offering up to $250,000 CAD each over a maximum of two (2) years. Proposals are expected to demonstrate proof of concept of the innovative idea.

2. Transition-to-scale grants to support the refinement, testing and implementation of innovative solutions that have already achieved proof of concept to bring them toward scale, offering up to $2 million CAD each over a maximum of three (3) years.

The value of the award is expected to vary depending on project need.  Proposal Deadline is February 4, 2013.

Seriously worth looking at if you are in the mental health field.  Also, please have a look at our post from August requesting that interested organizations partner with the Flory & Agricultural Trust.  One of their mandates is:  Women Empowerment which covers a number of awareness programmes on different important topics and issues. They are organizing several study classes and workshops against HIV, awareness against abortion, suicide attempt, dowry system, torturing, importance of self hygienic, epidemic, environmental pollution and importance of women in social works.

There’s where we found some today, folks!  Remember, if you can’t make use of the information you probably know someone who can so share, share, share.

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