More funding to support disabled children and their families!

Disability funding for B.C. childrenAll hail Friday!  Here’s more funding to support and encourage disabled children to live full and active lives.

The CKNW Orphans’ Fund receives grant applications from both individual children and their families as well as from organizations focused on children’s programs and special projects. Grants are reviewed internally and by their grants committee, made up of members of the CKNW Orphans’ Fund board and disbursed monthly.

Funding for individuals includes:

Therapies can be funded for up to a maximum of three years and applicants must reapply each year.  Speech and language up to $1,800 @ $90.00 per hour (transportation/assessments not included). Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, horseback riding and music therapy up to $2,000 per year.

Bursaries for special needs students attending independent provincially approved special education facilities may be provided. The individuals may apply with supporting documentation by the attending school. A current limit of $1,200.00 per individual child (per school year) for up to 3 consecutive school years will be considered.

Equipment for any one individual child is $5,000.00, subject to consideration of special circumstances or hardship. Cost sharing or partnerships with other organizations will be encouraged. Typical types of equipment are items that allow and support life, mobility, communication or independence.

Individuals can apply here and organizations can apply here.

Have a great weekend 🙂