AWESOME! Funding for Writers and Readers :)

Hi Funds Fans!  It is a blessed day for writers and for those who wish to encourage reading.

Funding for writersFor writers, the Global Citizen and the Development and Aid World News Service (DAWNS) have announced a new round of microgrants.   They will give away two $1,000 grants to reporters, bloggers, photographers film makers or anyone with a compelling humanitarian story to tell.  Deadline: January 25th, 2013.

DAWNS is a mission-driven enterprise to help lower the barriers to compelling humanitarian storytelling.   These grants are open to anyone, anywhere in the word.  Ideal grantees have excellent story ideas or projects underway, but need a small modicum of financial support to help them in some tangible way.  If you need a new camera lens; some help to pay for a translator; some financial assistance to pay for travel related to your project, then you should apply. Your project should already be off the ground, or close to it. You need to demonstrate to us how $1000 can be put to productive use.

This is strictly a storytelling grant. We are here to help people tell local stories of global significance. Unfortunately, that means that we will not fund aid projects. If you are an NGO looking for support to build a school or something like that, you should not apply.

Literacy GrantsFor those who wish to encourage reading, the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation is now accepting grant applications.  If your school identifies as high-needs, if you are passionate about literacy and if you believe your students and the greater community would benefit from a Love of Reading grant, then you are encouraged to apply.  Deadline to apply: Friday, February 15th, 2013.

Qualifying schools are those that are challenged by socio-economic factors that put their children at higher risk. These factors may include a higher than average number of children from single-parent families, families with lower education levels or lower income levels. The children may face cultural, language or other barriers to learning. Any high-needs school that is working hard to foster a culture of literacy despite the challenges has the potential to be a Love of Reading school.

Love of Reading schools receive funding over a three-year period. For each of the three years, the school receives 10 per cent of the funds in the form of cash to spend on any special projects they believe will promote literacy: after-school activity groups; visits by special guest speakers and artists; anything that promotes a love of reading. They receive the remaining 90 per cent of the grant in the form of a credit redeemable for new books and learning materials at Indigo, Chapters and Coles book stores.

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