NOW OPEN: Communities at Risk Funding

Security Infrastructure Program Good day, Funds Fans!  The Communities at Risk: Security Infrastructure Program (SIP) has been launched!  This program is designed to help communities at risk of hate-motivated crime improve their security infrastructure, which will help make Canada safer for all Canadians.  Deadline: March 26th, 2013.

Funding is available to eligible not-for-profit organizations that have experienced hate-motivated incidents at or near the project site. The funds are to help with the costs of security infrastructure improvements for places of worship, provincially recognized educational institutions, and community centres in communities at risk of hate-motivated crime.

Applicants not eligible for funding include Crown Corporations, public institutions, for-profit organizations and individuals.

Approved projects may receive up to 50% of total project costs to a maximum of $100,000 per project.  Applicants must demonstrate that they are able to provide cash and/or in-kind contributions amounting to at least 50% of the total project costs. These contributions must be from non-governmental sources and must be confirmed at the time the application is submitted.  In-kind contributions include labour, equipment and expertise. In-kind contributions can constitute a part of an organization’s funding commitment to the project; they must be detailed in the project proposal and assigned a fair market value.

SIP funding cannot be used in combination with any other federal/provincial/ territorial/regional/municipal government funding provided to the applicant for the same purpose, activities and eligible costs.

Examples of eligible costs include:

  • Security assessments.
  • Minor construction costs related to the project, including fees for contractors, labour and equipment rental required to install security infrastructure.
  • Security equipment and hardware costs, including alarm systems, fences, gates, lighting, security film for windows, closed circuit television systems, exterior cameras, relocation of existing exterior cameras, anti-graffiti sealant, motion detectors, signage and landscaping.

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