Environmental funding for social activists and researchers

Environmental Funds!

Hey Funds Fans, looking for some funds for lobbying, legal action or for a bit o’ good old political activism to help the environment?  Check out this funder.

The mission of the Bullitt Foundation is to safeguard the natural environment by promoting responsible human activities and sustainable communities in the Pacific Northwest. The Foundation invites inquiries from nonprofit organizations that serve Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, western Montana (including the Rocky Mountain range), and south-central Alaska.  Grants range from $5,000 to $100,000+.  Deadline: March 15th, 2013

The Foundation currently focuses most of its grants on strategies that:

  • Support legal challenges to ensure that environmental laws are vigorously enforced.
  • Foster effective environmental coalitions and further collaboration where appropriate.
  • Encourage strong, effective partnerships between grantees and local groups in the private, public, and tribal sectors to achieve broad consensus on issues of general public interest.
  • Help build strong grassroots organizations in key geographic areas to influence important environmental decisions. (The Foundation also is committed to building and strengthening the environmental movement. It encourages the inclusion of project objectives that build membership, energize activists, and expand sources of financial support.)
  • Support state and regional offices of national environmental organizations whose resources can lend valuable policy and campaign expertise and help assure that the work of local organizations is coordinated with broader regional and national efforts.
  • Support credible research, monitoring, and analysis to ensure that advocacy campaigns are grounded in the best available science.
  • Support efforts to hold public officials accountable for their actions.
  • Help grantees develop and promote appropriate messages for public education.
  • Encourage the creation of economic incentives for activities that promote a sustainable future and seek to eliminate subsidies for environmentally damaging activities.
  • Support independent certification of the products of environmentally superior forestry, fishing, agriculture, and energy, giving consumers a chance to vote with their pocketbooks.

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