Nice! Funding for photographers and filmmakers partnering with non-profits to raise awareness

Photography and film grantsWell, Funds Fans – here’s yet more funds for media projects!  Getty Images is inviting photographers or filmmakers who are presently engaged in the business of creating and selling or licensing creative, conceptual imagery, and marketing or advertising communications agencies or individual professionals who create communication campaigns for nonprofits to apply for a Creative Grant.  Maximum grant $20,000.  Deadline:  March 15th, 2013.  On-line applications only.

The goal of this program is help nonprofits communicate more effectively to their supporters, to generate positive awareness for the philanthropic endeavors of photographers or filmmakers and creative agencies, while at the same time generating awareness for the nonprofit partner. Therefore, the project imagery is intended to be used as follows:

• The nonprofit may use the images in their communications, with acknowledgement of the applicants, the Getty Images grant and with the appropriate photo/film credits.

• The photographer or filmmaker retains the copyright and the right to use the imagery in their portfolio.

• The communications agency is also able to showcase the project on their website, as well, with reference to the Getty Images Creative Grant that enabled it, and to the photographer or filmmaker.

• Getty Images will have permission to showcase the project and imagery on its website and other communications, for the purpose of promoting the grants program.

Each grant of $20,000 USD will be divided between the photographer/filmmaker and the agency, with each receiving up to $10,000, to cover the costs of planning and production for the project imagery. The photographer or filmmaker and agency may charge up to $2,500 for their time, and up to a total of $5,000 may be advanced to the photographer or filmmaker and agency for planning and pre‐production costs. To claim final expenses, the photographer or filmmaker and agency will submit actual receipts to Getty Images within 30 days post shoot, for up to a total of $10,000 USD each. If the total expenses add up to less than $20,000 USD, Getty Images will donate the difference directly to the non‐profit associated with the grant project.

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