NOW OPEN: Economic Opportunities for Women 

Opening DoorsHappy May 1st Funds Fans!  I’ve had a heck of a time getting my groove back since the move.  I think it’s all the chaos in my personal world as represented by so many unpacked boxes.  This seeming chaotic environment has tipped me into some kind of blue funk of procrastination accompanied by profuse amounts of aimless wandering around in my new space exhaling deep, mournful sighs of despair.  As my dear mother would say, I am sitting in the garden eating worms.

You’ll note I said “seeming chaotic environment” because, truly; I know where my toothbrush is, where the coffee is and I sure as heck have my office organized enough to have spent countless, escapist hours of late doing nothing more productive than surfing the Web for the latest funny meme and engaging in my OCD tendencies by checking my email and FaceBook page every ten minutes.

However, do bear with me as I work out these inner demons and develop some kind of inner discipline to combat such external chaos.  A life’s work to be sure.  Thankfully, as I write this post, the song on Tom Power’s Radio 2 Morning show is “It’s all right not to feel okay.”  Thanks Universe!  In addition to that note of comfort, the sun is shining.  ‘Tis good.

Moving on from such soul-pouring matters, there is good news today for all women across Canada and for the men who love them and want to encourage them to succeed.

Status of Women Canada is launching a Call for Proposals for projects that will both increase economic security and promote prosperity for women in communities across Canada. All projects will include a number of predetermined elements, which organizations must address in their proposals.  Grants range up to $250,000.00 Deadline: May 31st, 2013.

Projects under this Call for Proposals fall into three thematic areas:

Advancing Women in Non-Traditional Occupations : Projects will engage key stakeholders – institutions, employers, sector and professional organizations and communities, etc. – in sector-specific efforts to advance women in non-traditional occupations. Specifically, projects will support women’s recruitment, retention and advancement in these industry sectors by strengthening relationships between key stakeholders.  Funding available: up to $250,000/project.

Increasing Economic Options for Women : Projects will address the institutional barriers and other factors that limit local efforts to advance the economic security and prosperity of women in communities across Canada. Specifically, the projects will engage women in enhancing their economic options by tapping into opportunities in their communities.  Funding available: up to $200,000/project.

Improving Prosperity for Immigrant Women : Projects will address institutional barriers and other factors that limit the capacity of community organizations to respond to immigrant women’s economic needs. Specifically, the projects will build strategic partnerships and collaboration between community organizations and other stakeholders to better identify and respond to immigrant women’s economic needs.  Funding available: up to $200,000/project.

There it is, folks.  Go and get it!  And, if I may add, I know that the May Deadline Alert is due today and I feel miles away from getting it prepared.  So, if you want to know what else I have a line on, you’ll just have to email me.  I am checking my email and FB page every ten minutes.