Up to $5,000 for food security project evaluation

Food Secure Canada

Hello Funds Fans!  I’ll have some BIG news tomorrow for health and global development projects.  In the meantime, have a look at this funding program from the Community Food Security Hub – CF:ICE (Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement) Project.  They are seeking proposals from existing (or fledgling) collaborations between community organizations and colleges or universities in Canada.

The overall research goal of the CFS hub is to try to make sense of the many models that currently exist and to articulate “best practices” in the areas of community-engaged teaching and community-based research in the context of furthering Community Food Security in Canada.

CFICE funding for this year is not intended to be the core funding to support the creation of a brand-new partnerships (which must demonstrate other sources of funding or in-kind support). Rather, CFICE funds allows for an extension of the work and an evaluation of impacts of ongoing or recently completed projects on communities, on students, on faculty, etc. including consideration of how community-campus partnerships could be made more effective (e.g. through an examination of possible institutional changes).  Maximum Grant: $5,000.  Applications are due June 30th, 2013.

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