Giving in Action 

Fantastic news!!

Autism Funding in BC

The Giving in Action family fund is open once again!

The provincial government has given $2,000,000 to the fund in March 2013. This fund provides for a one time grant to families affected by a disability. This grant may be used for home modifications or renovations which will help the individual with special needs or developmental disability live in the family home or access the community.

Traditionally one might consider this for wheelchair access to the home, but there are things that can considerably brighten the lives of children with autism. For example:

  • Creating a secure play area
  • Renovating a room to allow ABA therapy
  • Safety modifications
  • Measures to prevent elopement

This fund will not pay for ABA therapy for your child,but it will give a one-time grant to better their lifestyles. Unlike other charities which ignore the plight of children with autism, the Giving in Action fund has in…

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