Funding for education, environment, and engineering projects

Funding for education, environment, and engineering

Happy Friday to you all, Funds Fans!  Like yesterday, here’s a another little something-something for organizations working with youth.

At the heart of its charitable focus, the Honda Canada Foundation values education, environment, and engineering. The Foundation uses these three areas as guiding principles in its charitable focus on the belief that a healthy understanding of each area will help both individuals and communities flourish. The Honda Canada Foundation’s mission is to enhance the social well being of Canadian communities through responsible investment in organizations that share their vision and values and focus on youth in Canadian communities.  Grants range from up to $25,000+ (estimate).  Deadline: August 1st, 2013.

Education: Takes many forms. Ideas that teach and then drive the desire for more knowledge are valuable.

Environment:  Includes both the natural environment and the human environment.

Engineering: Focuses on helping communities thrive in the future through science and research that help us understand our world and ourselves.

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