Funding for genomics based technologies

Funding for genomics projects

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The Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) represents a key element in Genome Canada’s strategic plan towards funding downstream research and development (R&D) projects that are driven by challenges and opportunities facing users of genomics based technologies.  For the purpose of this program, “Users” include the various stakeholders that have an interest in “pulling” technologies and other results of genomics research from academia to market and application, including industry, government, not-for-profits, and other organizations.

The GAPP aims to:

  • Promote the application of genomics-derived solutions to address key sector challenges or opportunities facing Users – User “pull”;
  • Promote commercialization of genomics technologies by enabling the transfer of genomics-derived solutions from Academia to Users as well as de-risking and incentivizing follow-on investment from public and private partners;
  • Increase the socio-economic impact of genomics research by accelerating its translation to application or market; and,
  • Create and foster a more productive interface between Academia and Users.

There is a two-stage application process for this program:

  • Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Full Proposal

EOI submissions to the program will be accepted on or after July 29, 2013.

The main categories of eligible costs are: i) salaries and benefits, ii) consumables, iii) equipment, iv) administrative costs and iv) services from others. Genome Canada funds may be used to cover eligible costs incurred by the Project, with the exception of costs incurred outside Canada or within organizations that are not eligible to receive Genome Canada funding, i.e., companies or federal government departments and agencies.

Genome Canada will invest up to 1/3 of the funding required to cover eligible costs; the remaining 2/3 must be secured through co-funding with at least 1/3 provided by the User. The Genome Centres, working with the applicants, are responsible for securing co-funding.

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