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    Capacity funds for Aboriginal community-based justice 

    Capacity Funding

    Nanoo, nanoo, Funds Fans!  (Anyone remember where that greeting is from?)  I wasn’t sure if I should post today since most people are probably busy packing up their campers and tents for one last blast o’ summer fun before school starts but what the heck, it was too good to wait ’til next week.

    The Federal Department of Justice is providing a Capacity-Building Fund designed to support capacity-building efforts in Aboriginal communities, particularly as they relate to building increased knowledge and skills for the establishment and management of Aboriginal Justice Strategy (AJS) community-based justice programs.  Grants range from $25,000 to $50,000.  (estimate)  Deadline: September 13th, 2013.

    The objectives of the Capacity-Building Fund are:

    • to support the training and/or developmental needs of Aboriginal communities that currently do not have community-based justice programs;
    • to supplement the on-going training needs of current community-based justice programs where the cost-shared budget does not adequately meet these needs, including  supporting  evaluation activities, data collection, sharing of best practices and useful models;
    • to support activities targeted at improved community reporting in AJS communities and the development of data management systems;
    • to support the development of new justice programs, paying particular attention to:
    • the current geographic/regional imbalance in programming;
    • the commitment to develop new programs in the under-represented program models, such as dispute resolution for civil and family/child welfare; and,
    • to support one-time or annual events and initiatives (as opposed to on-going projects and programs) that build bridges, trust and partnerships between the mainstream justice system and Aboriginal communities.

    Any of the following may be eligible for contribution funding under the Capacity-Building Fund:

    • First Nations, bands, Tribal Councils, local, regional and national Aboriginal organizations;
    • regional/municipal governments including their agencies and institutions;
    • non-profit community organizations, societies, and associations which have voluntarily associated themselves for a non-profit purpose;
    • provincial and territorial governments;
    • individuals; and,
    • for-profit corporations, as long as these corporations will not make a profit on the work performed.

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    Have a safe and wonderful Labour Day weekend 😀

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    Funding for Writers :) 

    Savvy Writers & e-Books online




    Dreaming of writing full time, but just don’t have the money to make the writer’s life a reality? Grants for aspiring writers might offer the aid to supplement your income until you will be established as a writer. Many organizations offer grants for writers to help them to complete their projects or help even during emergencies, such as Stephen Kings foundation. See what’s offered in the USA and Canada:

    NATIONAL ENDOWMENT for the Arts Literature Fellowships
    Through Literature Fellowships to published creative writers and translators of exceptional talent in the areas of prose and poetry, the Arts Endowment advances its goal of encouraging and supporting artistic creativity and preserving our diverse cultural heritage.
    Creative Writing Fellowships enable recipients to set aside time for writing, research, travel, and general career advancement. Non-matching grants are for $25,000.
    Translation Projects enable recipients to translate work from other languages into…

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    Oops! Almost forgot this one… 

    Funds for B.C. communities and organizationsHappy Thursday Funds Fans!  In looking through my archives, I noted that I had forgotten to include this funder in the September Deadline Alert.

    September 15th, 2013  The Hamber Foundation provides grants for cultural, educational and charitable purposes within the Province of British Columbia. The Foundation prefers to support specific projects rather than contributing to general sustaining assistance or to large capital projects. The Foundation may review major grant proposals from time to time.

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    Youth Justice Fund: Guns, Gangs and Drugs 

    Hands up for funding!Hello again Funds Fans!  Over the last two weeks, subscriptions to this blog have been on the rise at the rate of at least one a day.  Nice!  Thank you 🙂  For new subscribers and viewers, what I do here is provide timely updates on open funding calls, Request for Proposal opportunities and other tidbits on where and how to find money for your community, your organization or for your client.   I focus mainly on British Columbia and Canada but I do have a lively section on International Funds as well.

    There are a few good stories here and there and I shamelessly promote the use of Professional Writers for any proposal writing and reporting requirements.  I do try to keep things fun and funny around here but for the really funny stuff you should check out and LIKE my FaceBook page.  You can also find me at http://www.lasuik.com and on Twitter @fundsblogger.

    Today, I want to let you know that the Youth Justice Fund still has funding available under the Guns, Gangs and Drugs component.  This funding is intended to respond to youth involved in the  justice system and involved in, or vulnerable to, gun, gang and drug  activities. It promotes the provision of community-based educational, cultural,  sporting and vocational opportunities to these youth to allow them to make  “smart choices” and resist gang involvement or exit gangs.

    Projects  must target youth who are between the ages of 12 and 17 and currently in  conflict with the law, or justice professionals and/or service providers who  work with these youth. The Fund generally supports projects for no more than  $500,000, for a period of up to three years. The funding amount is determined  by assessing the individual project proposal. Please note, funding is based on  the availability of funds and current priorities. Not all eligible projects can  be funded.  Youth Justice  cannot provide operational costs to sustain existing programs.  The Fund does not support projects  focusing on youth who are “at risk of” becoming involved in the criminal  justice system.

    Eligible applicants include:

    • Non-profit community organizations, societies,  and associations which have voluntarily associated themselves for a non-profit  purpose;
    • Canadian institutions/boards of education;
    • Bands, First Nations, Tribal Councils, local,  regional and national Aboriginal organizations;
    • Provincial, territorial and municipal  governments and their agencies and institutions;
    • Private sector organizations as long as such  organizations will not make a profit on the work performed;
    • For-profit enterprises, research/evaluation  organizations and individuals are eligible for funding to conduct research and  evaluation activities; and,
    • Individuals.

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    Up to $20,000 available from the Humanitarian Innovation Fund 

    Humanitarian project fundingHello Funds Fans!  Here is a newly discovered funder that may be of interest to humanitarian project developers and managers within Canada who work in partnership with networks around the globe.

    The Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) is a landmark grant-making fund to support organisations working in countries and regions facing humanitarian challenges, such as Haiti, Pakistan and East Africa, to develop, test and share new technologies, products and processes that will make humanitarian aid more effective and cost-efficient in the future.  The Fund represents a collective effort to enhance the contribution of innovation to improving operational humanitarian performance at the field level.  It is currently made up of contributions from the UK Department of International Development, Canadian International Development Agency and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) supports organizations and individuals to identify, nurture and share innovative and scalable solutions to the challenges facing effective humanitarian assistance.  HIF provides funding through two funding mechanisms – a small grant facility and a large grant facility – which reflect the stage at which an innovation is at in the innovation process.

    The Small Grant facility is open all year round and offers grants of up to £20,000 for the recognition, invention & diffusion of a humanitarian innovation.

    Calls for Large Grants proposals are made twice a year and offer grants from £75,000 to £150,000 for the development and implementation of a humanitarian innovation.  (The current Call for Proposals is closed)

    “Humanitarian aid’ is aid and action designed to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain and protect human dignity during and in the aftermath of emergencies.” Global Humanitarian Assistance

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    Funding for environmental sustainability in Atlantic Canada 

    Environmental FundsHey Funds Fans!  I usually concentrate on funding for B.C. but some of my viewers are from out East and I wanted to share this with them.  Have a great Monday!

    Small Change Fund has funding available to help grassroots initiatives of Atlantic Canada working on environmental sustainability projects.

    Small Change Fund (SCF) is looking for 6 grassroots sustainability projects based in Atlantic Canada, which focus on the connection between people, land and water. The chosen projects will be awarded up to $2,500 for their project, and will be featured on our crowd-funding platform to enable their projects to raise up to $5,000 each.

    SCF will be working with the selected projects on a six-week online campaign. The campaign will support groups in communicating their projects to the online public to generate online traffic and encourage donations to their projects.

    In order to be eligible, and be presented to our advisors for consideration, projects must adhere to the following:

    1. Support Small Change Fund’s guiding principles. Projects will be evaluated according to the ‘guiding principles’ document found on their application page.

    2. Funding requests cannot exceed $5,000.

    3. Only projects taking place in Atlantic Canada (Newfoundland/Labrador, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick) will be considered for the campaign.

    4. Applicants must either be a Registered Charity or considered a Qualified Donee, as per Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities division. If you are unsure about your eligibility, please contact the Charities Directorate.

    5. Organizations must provide information on how they will cooperate with Small Change Fund, as per their application form.

    Applications will be accepted through the online application portal only. The deadline for applications is September 9th, 2013 at 12pm (noon) AST.

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    Milestone achieved! 

    Nice!Boom! There it is!!

    Thank you to all my blog viewers and subscribers for helping me to meet this milestone 🙂

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        Thank you! I really appreciate all your “likes” on my posts 🙂

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          Well, though not all your posts are relevant to me in particular, I still admire the work and effort you put into your posts — I can’t NOT “like” you! 🙂

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      Thanks to some of your tips I have applied to a few grants 🙂 i love your blogger 🙂

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        Thanks Alma! Glad you found some useful funding sources. It’s great to hear this kind of feedback 🙂

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    NOW OPEN: Whitley Awards for wildlife and nature conservation 

    Also on Twitter @WhitleyAwards

    Also on Twitter @WhitleyAwards

    Good day Funds Fans!  More good funding news on the environmental front today 🙂  The Whitley Awards are for wildlife and nature conservation focused projects.  Whitley Awards recognise the leadership qualities of individuals working with effective teams with strong nature conservation experience. We look for people who are excellent ambassadors for the work that they do.  It is not a requirement of the team leader to hold professional scientific qualifications. However, projects that aim to address issues on a biological level will need to demonstrate that activities will be informed based on scientific data. The inclusion of appropriate scientists or expertise on the team will also be expected if this is relevant to the project.

    Application to the Whitley Awards is open and applicants do not need to be nominated.  Whitley Awards are worth £35,000 GBP in conservation funding to be spent on projects over a period of one year.  Up to seven Whitley Awards will be available in 2014.  The deadline for applications is Thursday October 31st 2013.

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    Deadline Alerts: August 30th thru September 30th, 2013 

    Deadline Alert!Hey Funds Fans!  Here is a bit of weekend reading for you; a summary of previously posted funds that are coming due soon.  It’s funding for everything under the sun!

    August 30th, 2013.  Maximum Grant: $10,000  GoodLife Kids Foundation is a Canadian private foundation with a vision for every Canadian kid to have the opportunity to live a fit and healthy good life. By inspiring, supporting and creating opportunities for Canadian kids they believe this vision can become reality.   GoodLife Kids Foundation is accepting requests for funding from registered charities and qualified donees.

    August 31st, 2013.  Three (3) $15,000 grants available.  Organic Gardening Magazine to create the Gardens for Good grant program.  If you are a US or Canadian registered non-profit or registered charity and have an organic community gardening project, then submit your application.

    August 31st, 2013.  Organizations within B.C. helping animals in distress from abuse, neglect or injury need to apply for community gaming grants by Aug. 31, 2013.

    September 1st, 2013.  Grants range up to $50,000.  The Arab Fund for Arts & Culture (AFAC) is now accepting applications in the categories of Music and RTR (research, training and regional events) as part of its 2013 general grants program.  The call is open to Arab individuals living in the Arab region or in diaspora and to local, regional and international institutions whose projects are related to contemporary Arab culture.  Music and RTR applications must be submitted online.

    September 3rd, 2013.  Grants range from $1,000 to $5,000BC Rehab is an organization working toward a British Columbia that is inclusive and accessible to all people.  They promote projects and initiatives that increase accessibility so that all people — regardless of their physical capabilities — can thrive, participate and contribute in their communities.  Through advocacy and fundraising efforts they are able to assist British Columbians who are living with a physical disability. Grants fulfill individual needs, such as personal mobility equipment, when individuals cannot afford to purchase such items on their own.

    September 10th, 2013.  Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) has some excellent opportunities with deadlines on this date.  These include:  Capacity Building Grants: To strengthen the effectiveness of conservation and outdoor activity organizations.  Grants range from $5,000 to $35,000.  Advocacy and Awareness Grants: To support the protection of ecologically significant cores and corridors.  Grants range from $1,000 to $15,000.  Access & Activity Grants: Access and Activity Grants support programs, initiatives and infrastructure projects that encourage backcountry, urban and near-urban outdoor recreation. Grants range from $500 to $15,000.  Land Acquisition Grants: To conserve ecologically and/or recreationally significant resources.  Grants range from $10,000 to $100,000.

    September 13th, 2013.  Grant range varies according to need.  The Real Estate Foundation of BC supports real estate and land use practices that contribute to resilient, healthy communities and natural systems. They provide grants and information to non-profit organizations working to enable transformational change in BC communities.  Sept 13 – for Small Grant and Responsive Grant requests of any size (Dec decision).

    The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has the following deadlines upcoming:

    September 11th, 2013: Operating Grant: Population Health Intervention Research (Fall 2013 Competition)

    September 16th, 2013: Operating Grant: 2013-2014

    September 16th, 2013: Operating Grant: Fall 2013 Priority Announcement (Specific Research Areas)

    September 16th, 2013: Operating Grant: Industry-Partnered Collaborative Research (Fall 2013 Competition)

    September 16th, 2013.  Grants range up to $25,000+ (estimate).  Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) is providing a 2013-2014 Interim Call for Proposals  solely for proposals that address the Structural Readiness component found in both the Education Partnerships Program (EPP) and the First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP) National Program Guidelines. This will allow First Nation education organizations to strengthen their organizational capacity for the delivery of educational services to First Nation Schools.  

    September 19th, 2013.  Grants range from $25,000 to $100,000.  The TD Financial Literacy Grant Fund aims to increase accessibility to financial literacy education for people living in Canada who may normally be excluded from mainstream financial organizations, enabling them to develop skills, knowledge and confidence in financial issues.  The Fund will gather and disseminate the learnings that emerge from the best practices of projects supported through the Fund and will evaluate and communicate the impact of funded projects.  Projects may be up to two years in length.

    September 22nd, 2013.  Maximum Grant: varies.  Aboriginal Youth Sport Legacy Fund (AYSLF) – High Performance: The Aboriginal Youth Sport Legacy Fund (ASLYF) supports programs which encourage BC’s Aboriginal youth to participate in physical activity and sport.

    September 22nd, 2013. Maximum Grant: $2,000.   Local Sport Program Development Fund (LSPD): The Local Sport Program Development (LSPD) Fund allows community sport to be more accessible to people of all abilities by providing funding support to sport programs initiated by municipalities, sport organizations and Aboriginal communities.

    September 22nd, 2013. Maximum Grant: $2,000  Girls Only and Forever Active Bodies (FAB) 55+:  Founded by ProMOTION Plus, the Girls Only and Forever Active Bodies (FAB) 55+ grants are part of an overarching grant fund geared towards the development of sport opportunities that inspire girls and women to get active in BC. A program with two available categories, Girls Only focuses on supporting girls and women of all ages, while FAB 55+ is limited to women aged 55 and above.

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    $5,000 available from the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies 

    Research funding avilable!

    Welcome to Wednesday Funds Fans!  I will soon have a Deadline Alert ready for September but for today, here’s a good little funding opportunity from CCDS.

    The Canadian Centre on Disability Studies (CCDS) is a national, not-for-profit, disability-focused research and education organization located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  CCDS has established a Small Grants program to facilitate the involvement of new researchers and assist community-based disability-focused research initiatives in Canada.  Two (2) grants are available @ $5,000 each.  Deadline:  October 18th, 2013.

    Goals of the Small Grants Program:

    • To facilitate research partnerships among researchers, consumer-directed disability groups, and/or other community groups
    • To encourage research focused on issues that the disability community identifies as important, and where people with disabilities are involved in the research process (e.g. participatory action research)

    Current CCDS Research Priorities:

    • Aboriginal people with disabilities, with an aim to influence inclusive policy development processes
    • Disability and aging (aging with a disability or aging into disability)
    • Visitability/universal design
    • Youth (age 15-24) with disabilities, particularly related to community integration/reintegration, education, and using technology as a means of social inclusion

     There it is folks, go and get it!  Don’t forget to LIKE us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter @fundsblogger!

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