Up to $50,000 for local government energy-related initiatives

Sustainable Communities funding

Hello Funds Fans!  It’s a good start to August with this funding offer from BC Hydro.

BC Hydro is offering funding to assist local governments in the implementation of tangible, high impact projects that increase energy literacy, result in electricity savings, and demonstrate broader benefits to the community. Activities supported by the Sustainable Communities Implementation Offer include (but are not limited to):

  • Development, implementation and evaluation of policy to support or incent energy efficient buildings and land use. (e.g. Density bonus, rezoning policy, development cost charges, revitalization tax exemptions, etc.)
  •  Advance Power Smart program uptake through local government processes and channels. (e.g., Through building permits, co-incentives for water and energy-smart appliances, fire and building code inspections, recreation programming for low income households, etc.)
  • Development, delivery and evaluation of engagement activities or programs to encourage energy conservation behaviour changes. (e.g. For staff and Council, builders/ developers, property owners, property managers, strata councils, residents, etc.)

BC Hydro will pay up to 75% of the project costs to a maximum of $50,000. Application deadline: September 20th, 2013.

The Implementation Offer is available to local governments (municipalities and regional districts) within the BC Hydro service territory that meet one of the following criteria:
• Population over 75,000
• Champion community – population over 20,000 with a Council-approved Community Energy and Emissions Plan (or equivalent) and demonstrated leadership in electricity demand-side management

Eligibility requirements apply unless otherwise agreed upon with BC Hydro.

There it is, folks.  Go and get it!  You can also view other funding opportunities coming up in August here.

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