NOW OPEN: Pacific Salmon Commission Restoration and Enhancement Funds

Funding for Pacific SalmonHi Funds Fans!  For salmon lovers and environmental gurus, here’s a bit o’ funding to reel in.

In June of 1999, the United States and Canada reached a comprehensive new agreement under the 1985 Pacific Salmon Treaty.  Among other provisions, the 1999 Agreement established two endowment funds, administered by two bilateral Restoration and Enhancement Fund Committees; the Northern Boundary and Transboundary Rivers Restoration and Enhancement Fund (Northern Fund) and the the Southern Boundary Restoration and Enhancement Fund (Southern Fund).

The purpose of the two funds is to support activities in both countries that develop improved information for resource management, rehabilitate and restore marine and freshwater habitat, and enhance wild stock production through low technology techniques.

The Northern Fund Committee will be accepting preliminary applications with ideas and concepts submitted by private, non-profit, and public sector applicants eligible to conduct business in the State of Alaska, the Province of British Columbia and/or the Yukon Territory until midnight on Sunday, August 25th, 2013Grants range from $25,000+. (estimate)

The Northern Fund Committee is seeking potential projects for the Northern Boundary and Transboundary areas that are consistent with the Fund’s goals that involve:

  • Improved information including data collection and stock assessment for salmon harvests, escapement, forecasting returns, and determining stock composition; or
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of freshwater and/or marine salmon habitats and/or improvement of existing natural salmon habitats or providing new salmon habitats; or
  • Salmon enhancement through low technology techniques rather than through construction of large facilities with high operating costs.

The Southern Fund Call for Proposals will give favorable consideration to those proposals that are directly responsive to specific priorities identified by the Pacific Salmon Commission’s Fraser River and Southern Panels.  The deadline for submissions is midnight on Sunday, September 1st, 2013.  Grants range from $25,000+. (estimate)

1) Fraser River Panel Priorities

  • Additional Fraser sockeye salmon juvenile monitoring.
  • Examination of mechanisms affecting early marine survival of Fraser River sockeye salmon.
  • Refinements to methodologies used to estimate Lower Fraser escapements.
  • Refinements to methodologies used to forecast marine timings and diversion rates of Fraser River sockeye and pink salmon.
  • Redesign of the fisheries display at the Hells Gate visitors center.

2) Southern Panel Priorities

  • Improvements to the effectiveness of the Coho CWT program; Management Unit representation; and, monitoring program coverage.
  • Improved estimation of the migration timing for Interior Fraser River Coho stocks.
  • Improved estimation of escapement for Southern BC and Washington Chum (Escapement Assessment Framework).
  • Strategic Chum salmon genetic baseline augmentation and development.
  • Development and application of an escapement reference point toolkit for Chum salmon.

There it is, folks.  Go and get it!  You can also view other funding opportunities coming up in August here.

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